A Pencil Build - Terror

Step right up, come on down to the best spot in town (not really)! Bring your insight, your critiques, your knowledge! Prepare for a… Drum roll, please!

Pencil Build.

I call it…

Terror. :smile:

This is how I have it set up…:

Class: Rogue


299 Power

5 Health

5 Mana

Hero Skills:

20 Strength

20 Dexterity

20 Boomerang

20 Smoke Bomb

Other ones go wherever.

Equipment: … all with Haste nature…

MH Weapon: Ragnarok Qual +25% Fire Throw Sword as Special
Mythic -> Rock Blast
Set-> Defiant
L. Affix -> Weapon Dmg +100%
C. Affix -> Crit Chance +45%
E. Affix -> Element Dmg +20%
E. Affix -> Element Dmg +5000

OH Weapon: Enigma Bomb Qual +25% Fire
Mythic -> Enigma
Set-> Inferno
C. Affix -> Cooldown Rate +45%
Slot -> All Talents +5
L. Affix -> Move Speed +15%
E. Affix -> Bleed Chance +10%

Head: Energy Cap Qual +25% Fire Bombardier 20
Mythic -> Energy
Set-> Vampiric Touch
C. Affix -> Crit Dmg +225%
Slot -> All Talents +5
L. Affix -> Stun Immune
E. Affix -> Bleed Chance +10%

Torso: Ruptured Leather Qual +25% Fire Celerity 20
Mythic -> Ruptured
Set-> Momentum
C. Affix -> Total HP +75%
Slot -> All Talents +5
E. Affix -> Element Dmg +20%
E. Affix -> Element Dmg +5000

Ring: Rozenzi Qual +25% Fire Blindside 20
Set-> Rage
C. Affix -> Crushing Blow +30%
L. Affix -> Ignore Resist
L. Affix -> Multi Attack +2
L. Affix -> Coat Proc +25%
Slot -> All Sets +2

Neck: Sanctuary Amulet Qual +25% Fire Razored 20
Mythic -> Sanctuary
Set-> Periphery
C. Affix -> Deadly Strike +30%
L. Affix -> All Sets +2
L. Affix -> Multi Attack +2
L. Affix -> Move Speed +15%

Haven’t tested it out, seeing as I haven’t the gear, but, in theory, it’s decent. I tried making it for PvP and PvE, but I’m not sure if it would work for either, honestly. It’s my first legitimate build in the game. Essentially, the point is to get as much out as quick as possible for massive amounts of damage. The bomb is my favorite OH Weapon for Rogue due to its immense addition to the ability to dodge. The CD Reduc is so that the player can Vault where ever, whenever, and also use Smoke Bomb constantly to blind and give a free dodge. I originally planned on putting a Crystal dodge affix and a Pathfinder set, but I threw Periphery in instead. Not sure if Pathfinder and Dodge+ would function better in here than something else. I wanted it as a kind of defense mechanism, but it didn’t cut it (for me, at least). I didn’t see any bleed type builds or chakram builds, either, so I figured I’d give that a go. I’m sure there are flaws, etc. And, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that the max quality is +25%, unless the item is Eternal.

Criticisms? Remarks? Feedback, people. :smile:

No productive criticism, but wanted to thank you for a clearly laid out build, that doesn’t leave out stats/talents. Have yet to get the experience to know how exactly I’d craft some of the items, but I’m sure I’ll get there.

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I’ve seen builds for this game, and other games, before, and I understood them, but barely. I include all the info :wink: Sadly, I can’t include pics.

What kinda fone are u using? Is it rooted or jailbroken?

He doesn’t have the gear, so he can’t take pictures no matter what type :wink:

I know that. I was asking so maybe I could help him if he didn’t know how to take a SS.

I penciled the build. I don’t have all the gear. :smiley: I don’t play enough. Busy life.

there is no proc for toss, unless u actually mean swordthrow.

not a toss proc but does activate a lot , if you can get the talent on your ring.

i know that very well. as u see on main thread, its rogue build not warrior.

oops, my bad ! had it on my warrior

I fixed it. I thought there was a proc for all skills. My bad. Changed it to All Talents for inc on Razored, etc. Toss would’ve been nice, though. :blush:

Aside from my error, what do you think, @cronos4321?

idk,it depend on your imagination and the possibility for it to happen.