A ring erased my gear

I found a ring… lv 0, armor 0 no enchantments no talents… i went to enchant it said ???/??? I then rerolled stats it erased my gear, inventory, and the bags i baught… can i get some sort of compensation?

Lolwut? How did you find it? Can you specify?

urlaub fürs gehirn

I was in act 2 i think floor 12-16 and picked up a ring. I had a lv16 lance with 3100 damage +200 damage. That got erased and now im lv40 and still havent found a weapon as good

Hey laster, can you up load your save game? Pm me your email address you used to create your dq account…I’ll have a look

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How will my email address help?
Its deadman.virus.crimson.laster@gmail.com

Do you have a dq account lester? On the main menu of DQ press the DQ Account button. There you can set up a dq account and back your save game up to our servers.

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I did that…

Ok…I am trying to access your save game info with the email listed here but I keep getting “account doesn’t exist” error messages.

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Strange. I uploaded to thr server like u said its laster/ warior/ lv 41

And you use that long email address when you log on to the dq account system?

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I use a long one too so I wouldn’t doubt it.

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