A sugestion for a new mythic when the update drops

What if their was a mythic that made it so your magic system worked off of your gold some how? Like a strange magical bank of sorts. You could either end up spending gold or gaining intrest? Im not entirely sure of the full details, and to clairify it would not be an afk farm, it would have to work off of chain killing monsters or perhaps keeping the gold colected indicator showing, i am open to talk abpout it.

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Just saying this would be a decent reasource sink for gold rich players as you could spend gold to have much higher damage. Or people who want to farm gold would use the potential in its intrest mechanic with their gold farming builds.

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a new resource Mythic.

Golden Aura Mythic: 2% of current Gold used per minute or 0.5% of total Gold used per minute for +35% to +50% damage. or maybe 4% of total Gold used per minute for a +40% damage. this would force a player to have Gold Find on the equipment.

this would be good for a Farm Build. a floor climbing build could use this while making sure the Gold doesn’t run out. running out of Gold means no damage until you replace the Gold. of course, this would be a bad Mythic for PVP, as it has the same problem as Adventurer Set.

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These were some of the exact same things i was thinking. All be it for it to be worth useing i feel the damage should be higher if its gonna use up gold that fast. But i like this polish for my idea. Thanks.

What would its crafting recipe be? Definately going to include the fortune rune some how.

or how about it’s only active when Gold Picked Up is active, like Adventurer Set, and damage is +12.5% of Gold Find % on Equipment. with +300% Gold Find, you have +37.5% damage. with +1225% Gold Find, you have +153.125% damage.

Reminds me of the Satyr’s Spirit set which I love.

Satyr’s Spirit & Fauns Gifts both improve AR & All Resist and HP/MP, while this is affecting damage.

I was just thinking of using Luck as the foundation for a Mythic, just not sure how it should be used. maybe a Luck Mythic that gives +7.5% of Luck % chance for enemy attacks to miss. 300% Luck is 22.5% chance for enemy attack to miss, and 1225% Luck is 91.875% chance for enemy attack to miss.

so a Gold Mythic for offense and a Luck Mythic for defense?

to really make things interesting, they could be on the same Item, so that they couldn’t be used at the same time.


Im liking where this is going.