A sugestion for a update to the codex

I could not find any thing in the game its self about how to asend your charecter, though i might have missed it. My sugestion is to add a new hint in the hints tab or a new page under perks that tells you how to asend, it would look something like this. “ASENDING-you can asend to obtain powerfull perks to make your charecter stronger, to asend you must reach level 99 and then check the shops first tab and click the asension button located at the bottom of the page.” Any how what are your thoughts on the sugestion?

I think a lot of that information came from the game testers and the players when Perks first came out with Patch 2.1, and ideas shared in the Forum. I also think it’s called Ascending because you are leveling up a lot to get all 6 Perks.

Ascending Builds are just Builds to get lots of Experience in the shortest amount of time possible, and the best ways to do that.

the Codex just has the basic information, but maybe a short description in Codex > Terms > Ascending - the process of getting experience to gain Perks. something like that.

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I agree with you. Just any thing that lets new players know about asending. Or that it even exists in game. Btw thanks for your thoughts. One thing thats always kinda bothered me about the codex is in the hints section theres a spot that mentions to the player, “dont forget to stock up on potions of mana and health from the merchant” did you used to have to buy those?

Potions were from the early game. from what I understand, you bought them in the Shop with Gold. not sure if they made it past Beta testing. if they did, it looks like they didn’t last very long. in one of the early Patches, it was switched to a button with a cool down instead, that doesn’t cost Gold to use. besides, eventually, there are better ways to keep your Mana & Health good than using Potions.

on top of that, there are MP & HP Orbs dropping everywhere when you kill monsters and break stuff. I read an old Post that had a screen shot of a spot on the ground that had an MP & HP Orb mixed together with the question, ‘what’s this?’

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Lol I have seen that situation before. I always get a little mad when i see a hp orb sitting on top of a normal item and mistake it for a ledgendary item. im curently working on that asending build. Im going to use advwnture, along with all the quest runes and exp and gold drop afixes i can manage. Im also thinking about useing my base from the warriors class ledgendairy items but jm not sure what items to use. For clarification im a wizard named socretese.

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when I made my first Ascending Build for my Wizard, I used that Adventurer Item with +15% Exp, a couple Items with +10 Fortune, two Items with +10 Dexterity, and some other Item and a Pet. I added Quest Stones when I was able to upgrade Myth Stones that high, focused on high Crit Chance & Crit Damage, & upgraded or changed affixes as I went along.

I used Staff with Storm & then Twister, & Orb with many different Specials (did a lot of testing). adding Crystal Affixes around my 2nd or 3rd Perk really helped out a lot. I also added Nadroji Bonus to increase Magic+ monsters for more experience & loot. I did a lot of testing of lots of affix combinations while I was Ascending. adding Ultra Rare Myth Stones later really helped out a lot in the late Ascending game.

I hate when I get the Orb Feat Reward, but don’t see it until it’s almost gone, so I can’t adjust my play to make the best of the reward.

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You can see the boost from orb feat in shop.
Ty for the tip about nadroji

Hmm noted. Ty for the advice. Ill hunt for nadjori some time.

I hardly ever go into the Shop, well, back then, but usually I’m so busy fighting, I don’t notice Feat Rewards unless it’s monsters spawning Feats.

you don’t really need the Nadroji Bonus, but it gives a +100% spawn rate for Magic (blue) & Rare (yellow) monsters. they give more loot & experience. and more of these monsters means the Epic, Legend, and Mythic Monster Spawn Feats happen more often.

experience from monsters stops going up at floor 100, so you only need to farm monsters for experience at higher floors only if you are looking for certain Items.

just look in the Codex > LegendEx to see where Legend Items can be found, and any other requirements for finding them. or you can sell unnecessary Legends for Dust, and use Dust to unlock Legend Items in the LegendEx and buy them with Dust later.

Ty for the advice and what not. This will help me with farming enough dust to unlock a rupture.

just make sure you don’t run out of Gold. I started getting serious about DQ right after Patch 3.0 came out. that’s when Dust was introduced into the game and you could buy Legends. before, you had to find Legends as Loot to even use them. I used an Imp to only pick up Legends and sold them for Dust. ended up running out of Gold.

Indeed. I remember you used to be able to buy potions with Gold with limited quantities. Then it became unlimited with a cooldown.
Potions are barely used in the later stages of the game but there is a Mythic that gives you High movement speed and attack speed from drinking Mana potion.
Just like there is with exploding HP and MP orbs.

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I’ve used Draught Mythic before, and it’s great with many MH Primary Skill Builds.

I was just doing a Search on Resourceful Mythic yesterday. only a few posts, but I think it would do well on some Builds I have Crafted before. especially any Masochism/Hunger Builds.

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