A warrior build

Could someone please layout a warrior pve build that is cheap to create and can do just well in endgame content?


Bump…some tips please?

Tried looking again at guides compendium for warriors but its quite outdated

Anyone? Please

U can try that it can easily clear.higher floors.
U can also revise it to poison build which is also good in pve just remove frozen w/ plague affix if want to do poison build and add some elemcritdmg

Whats a build :I


“A build” is a term used to describe how your character performs while you play the game.

Typically a “Build” will consist of a few things (this is just an example and not an exhaustive list)

  1. Equipment Load out - What type of equipment they have on
  2. Item Affix Load out - What type of affixes are on the equipment your character is using
  3. Hero Point Distribution - What areas you put hero points into (this ties into talents)
  4. Talents - What talents you are using for your character.

So for example a Warrior “Gold Find Build” would be a Warrior that is equipped to make them great at collecting gold.
All of their items would give Gold Find Boosts, and you would set up affixes/talents to help in finding gold as well.

To be honest, it is much more complicated :blush: but this is just a quick explanation.

You can find a TON of different builds on the forum here. Just go up to the search box at the top of the forum page (the icon to the left of your profile icon) and start searching!


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