Ability to change between the looks of the items

Just a random thought while playing. What do you guys think of a way of changing between the ‘designs’ of the items? I am not referring to the looks(The talents of the items can change the looks of the items), I am kind of referring to the different colors(and sometimes looks, like the rogue armors) which is random i think(?), other than the talents controlling the looks of the items. Like for me I really like the color of the blue wizard hat, and not the yellow version of the wizard hat, do you guys know where I am getting at?

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful night!

use crystal when you change talent the item will change design/look

Thanks, yes I know about the changing talent thing that changes the overall look of the item, but I was talking about the color of it like i mentioned before. Like the example I gave earlier, say I have a yellow wizard hat, i wanted to change to the blue wizard hat. Changing talents will only change the design of of the hat, such as the crown looking hat, and the hood looking hat of the wizard hats. Oh I am really sorry, i think i did confused you, by the blue wizard hat i was talking about…

That was the yellow and blue wizard hat that I was talking referring to. Changing the talent will only change them to the hood looking hat or the crown looking hat.
I meant to say that I wish there was a way of changing between the colors of it. AKA the “Design” according to the Dungeon quest wiki.

I wanted to apologize once again, because it was my fault for not explaining it well, which confused you. Sorry @Eater.


Would like to change my pink hammers too :smiley:

@Msiiek ya seriously yuck pink hammer haha it would be cool if its black or red (anything but not pink)

no problem mate :smiley:

About this suggestion, dont get me wrong haha, i have bought the vanities, but right now literally the only vanity i use is the weapon skin, other than that, i dont even wear my pvp vanity heh. Sometimes i like to keep it simple, i like the minimalistic look of things.

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I only buy slot :smiley:

Ah, now that I think of it…you cannot even change the appearance any more (using crystal to change talent), and the reason why is because of the hackers, only way so people will also know if the item is modified or not, since the legend items will have the same appearance so you will know if that gauntlet was made from Mutiny or Golex’s Gauntlet. Could that be the reason or… Hmm only the Devs would know=\

well lots of player using munity instead of golex