About amethyst and crystal affix

  1. The fact that the crystal affix can only be remove by using quartz is annoying me. At least with epic and legend one, if the affix pool don’t have the one you need ,you can just choose a random one and then either change it with sapphire or remove it with kyanite. I just applied a obsidian on my new craft ring and the affix pool it give don’t have the one i need, which force me to choose the Reduced Cost affix one.

  2. For some reason, it easy for me to find obsidian than the amethys.

  1. yes a failed obsidian affix can pretty much destroy your item. thats why best to start the crafting with obsidian roll first.

  2. i think they’re petty dang close to the same chances

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Or craft a an item from a dropped item which contains a useful crystal affix


This is the way to do it.

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i dont know why but what i want to have in the obsidian is the one who’s always missing hahahah i guess im in badluck today

if you cant find the right affix in the obsi just simply quit the game and open again and dont choose any affix, the item will be the same so you can have another chance of using obsi but closing the game while using obsi is like also using obsi for nothing hahahah

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I play on android so that will not work.

im an android user too and surely works, its just a tip so you wouldnt come up with a wrong affix for the item, quartz is a random effing crystal hahaha ,close the app,remove the app in recent, open the app(dq), use ANOTHER obsidian until you find the affix you want, well it surely cost a lot of obsi too

k.ian isn’t deleting/reloading app, just turning game off/on. I know the Dev’s put in a download limit for people deleting/reloading app to save on losing items/crystals, but this was considered a cheat, so after the first time, there is a 3 hour wait to download game again. personally, I would rather play the game than keep turning it on/off just to get a certain affix, or what ever.
I am learning some difficult lessons on crystal management, and considering ways to improve getting crystals. I guess I could turn my game off/on 1-50 times every time I didn’t get what I wanted, but the more crafting I do, the more time I would be spending turning the game off/on, instead of actually playing.
so far, I have been lucky with the RNG for my Crystal affixes, but when they aren’t max value, I end up throwing a lot of crystals at the item until it is maxed. I just recently decided I needed Set (?) affixes in my gear, and I am going through crystals like crazy. :sob: it is like RNG is making it hard to get the Sets I want for giving me good Crystal affix rolls. :unamused:
I don’t know if the off/on is considered the same as delete/reload, so this is basically my opinion.

even if you use the force close game trick… you are still charged the crystal. ultimately, this only saves you from destroying your item with bad crystal affix. thats all. and it saves you alot of dust recrafting the same item over and over.

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I understand the why, I guess I am saying I am learning to appreciate the value of the ultra rare crystals/myth stones. for me, I like playing DQ. I am sure I could save myself a lot of trouble and heartache using this method, it is just that I don’t consider using this method as playing DQ. but that is just me, and to be honest, as posted elsewhere, the reason Obsidian is such a powerful item is why it is so difficult to use. you are getting an affix that is 3x more powerful than the same Epic affix, but in return, you can’t get it off of an item easily, without pretty much destroying the item in the process, if it isn’t the affix you wanted.
I guess in the end, you could end up spending the same amount of time getting the affix you want using this method, as you would farming for another Obsidian, but at least farming for the Obsidian, you are also getting a lot of other loot. off/on just gets you the affix you wanted.
just my thoughts on the subject.

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I agree.

like what cuzegspiked said, thats what im trying to say hehehe😄 well i never use download upload, unless i open my other acc. , waiting for 3hours i dont want that to happen

I have to admit, it was both sad and amusing to read the posts when 3.0 came out, when the 3 hour limit was discovered the hard way. but I also understand why the Dev’s did this, as they stated in their replies to the posts.
I did something bad in DQ, I converted 8 Obsidians to Amythysts, and still didn’t get the Set I wanted. now I need Obsidians again, and am hoping farming/converting will get me more before I get too old to remember how fun DQ is.

CS are easy to get. Crystalline works well.

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haha, I am farming to get those Sets so I can make Golems Ultimate Farming Build. haven’t found any yet, and for sure I am going to use pencil and paper to figure out the best I can do. the Crystal affixes are going to be the hard part.

I used to do things like that a lot too until I found it less fun and then I realised it was better grinding IMO. The 3 hour limit I definitely wanted and it happened.
But then again, I did all sorts of stuff I wouldn’t dream of now when I first played much.

Also I corrupt my account that way as well but now its not as bad. Duplicate inventory glitch gone and I got better internet.

if every thing was easy, would it always be fun? part of the fun of DQ is the challenge of making your dream build become reality a few times, because some times, the monsters show us the weaknesses when we first take out our amazing builds for a test drive, and so the tweaking of the builds begin.

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