About Blue Shrine

Since enemy on the higher floor will one-shot you if you don’t have dodge or block, the blue shrine that increase all resist become useless when compare with other shrine, which the only benefit it bring is to spam epic enemy with hunter ring of perk.

Sadly, but you are correct :disappointed:. Shrines that are worthy for me are the white and green ones. They give an extra luck and item drop rate.

I thought it when I reached high floors

Experience Shrine: when done Ascending, only useful with Hunter Perk/Ring.
Luck Shrine: when Luck is at cap, only useful with Hunter Perk/Ring.
Item Drop Shrine: when Item Drop Rate is at cap, only useful with Hunter Perk/Ring.
Defense/Resistance Shrine: good for the low level floors or builds making use of high resistance, at higher floors, only useful with Hunter Perk/Ring.
Pool Shrine: this Shrine needs to be reinvented. maybe a random regen boost of 1%-5% to a random choice of HP or MP. besides returning your HP/MP to 100% once, when activated, it is only really useful when you have the Hunter Perk/Ring.
Monster Shrine: 1 epic monster for more loot and experience. +1-3 epic monsters with Hunter Perk/Ring. this Shrine is really nice when you have your Farming build equipped.
Attack Shrine: more damage is a good thing, no matter what floor you are on. makes it easier to defeat any Guardians summoned with the Hunter Perk/Ring.