Farming with Enshrined & Epiphany

Epiphany is a Set that increases the Cap of affixes by +5% per Rank. most players use Epiphany (5).

Enshrined is a Perk that adds one extra Shrine to every Map and increases the potency of most Shrines by +300%.

Fortunate is a Perk that gives your Character a 200% Luck & Gold Find over Cap, and +5 Yard Pick Up Radius. without this perk, you can only get your Luck & Gold Find to +812% with Epiphany (5) and Enshrined.

first I want to say I haven’t been a fan of Farm Builds with +250% Item Drop and +1012% Luck & Gold Find. for my own Farm Builds, I feel like it takes up too much space. but I do admire the Builds of others who make these Builds. lots of extra Loot is a good thing!

this is what I discovered a few days ago. my current Farm Build has Epiphany to raise the Cap for Crit Chance, Crit DMG, and Cool Down. I just happened to look at the Stat Page after activating a Green Shrine (increases Luck & Gold Find) and a White Shrine (increases Item Drop). before I activated the Shrines, my Luck & Gold Find was +836% each and +100% for Item Drop. after activating the Shrines, my Luck & Gold Find was +1012% each and +250% for Item Drop.

this means I just need +50% Item Drop on my Farm Build, either a Legend Item Drop or 20 Skill Points in Fortune. you also need Luck & Gold Find of at least +812%. without these minimums, you wont reach the higher Caps with the Shrines & Epiphany. haha, I guess you would need the Fortunate Perks +200% over Cap Luck & Gold Find to reach the +1012%.

what this means is that 1 out of 3 Maps with a Farm Build with Epiphany & Enshrined will have the +1012% Luck & Gold Find, the +250% Item Drop, or both.

although I wont consistently get as much Loot as a player with a Maxed Farm Build, I will be getting more Loot than I was before, and I have a few extra spaces for other affixes instead of just Farming.

I wrote this Post almost 2 years ago, and this recent discovery makes Green & White Shrines useful again for Farm Builds of Lazy Players like me.


Does epiphany raise your elemental crit past 40

as far as I know, the Cap for Elemental Crit applies to the Wizardry talent of Wizards, which gives +1% Elemental Crit per Rank. and it only goes up to 40 anyways. I personally think the +40% EC Cap is a holdover from the early days of DQ.

I have had two Legend +30% Elemental Crit for +60% total and it gives +60% EC (Immolate, Freeze, Orbit, Toxic, or Paralyze) as shown on the Stat Page. you could get it up to +100% if you want, even without Epiphany, but there are some good reasons not to.

first, it takes 4 spaces using Legend EC. more if you are using the Epic versions of EC.
second, after about 5 Elemental Crits, if the monster is still alive, it ends up immune to the EC’s. so EC is just taking up space if you don’t kill the monster quickly.
third, the amount of EC should depend on the Build. if your Build has high Attack Frequency, Cool Down, or Attack Speed, +20% to +30% should be enough. if your Builds attacks are slow and infrequent, +40% to +60% or as needed to get that EC.

another thing is that Elemental Crits can help power up a Farm Build.

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