About Crystal affix dodge

Is crystal affix dodge still attainable? I used about 5 obsidian and still none.

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Yeah it’s still attainable. I also hate it when I am that unlucky lol

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frankly, i got one on an EternalBomb, but its nevertheless useless since its an Eternal and the stats are waaaay ugly than the usual equips… still, to be hunting one using Obsidian is a very brave way to go… Kudos to you and for your endeavors…

Well i got it after I posted this. RNGesus heard my plea. XD

Got my first ever obsidian drop yesterday :wink:

When using Obsidian, you can limit what affixes will show up by getting some rare of epic affixes that Obsidians will show, but not the one you need. This way, you can “block” unneeded affix/es since no two same affixes can be at the same item at the same time. Like, if you’re trying to get Dodge, get 5 rare or epic Crit Chance, Crit Damage, All Resist, Regens, GF, Luck, etc., then save the last slot for Obsidian and hope it rolls Dodge. :smiley:


OMG Riffmaster!!! That is an awesome tip.

Yes, I discovered this awhile ago too. Much better to waste 5 Topaz + 5 Kyanite (or 5 Angelite + 5 Kyanite) rather than even 1 Obsidian, in my mind. Great tip.

Woah never knew that. What a nice tip there.

Wow that never crossed my mind. That’s really helpful