About Electrocution

This new Set Affix since 3.0 has been released the Electrocution, I dont understand it clearly does it mean that Each Shock effect stacks on enemy is increased by 50% per rank while below 25% HP (Shock effect stacks on enemy by 12.5% Damage debuff) so meaning the 12.5% DD will increase right ? Or the effect will be like Demonic ?

I need some replies because im confuse with this item “Ampered” with Electrocution set affix and really confuse if i’ll keep the +1 Max shock effect or not?

It’s 10% per rank. Codex is wrong but hopefully it’s corrected. If it was 50% per rank , then it would be extremely OP. At least it’s not 100% per rank lol.

Electrocution (5) is 50% DMG Increase per stack Debuff. After 4 Stack debuffs, that’s 200% increased DMG. Obviously at below 25% HP .
200% increased DMG via Electrocution and then 50% increased damage by stack Debuff. Also high voltage and stuff for shock. Yes Electrocution is similar to how Demonic and Execute DMG works in terms of damage gain condition but goes well with them both.

Electrocution is based on stack debuffs. The more stack Debuff, the more increased DMG overall from Set combined with Debuff.

Although shock effect Max can increase potency of Electrocution even though it’s only +1 Shock effect Max for +1 extra stack Debuff.
If Electrocution counts the stack debuffs from hirlings included as well as main character and both did 4 stacks, that’s 8 stacks in total and that’s 400% Increased damage. With shock effect Max on both characters, 500% increased damage because 5 stack Debuff × 2. I don’t know if it’s true but this is what could happen if it was true.

Ahh okay thanks @CuzegSpiked.

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