About Enslavers

Guys can you help me about the Enslavers location and best way to farm? Cos i want to complete the Enslaver feat that rewards you a Random Pet legend drop. Please help

most of the enslavers are on the top of the map sometimes near the shrine

@fudgenever10 in addition to what @Eater said, the best way of getting that Enslaver feat. fast is thru buying a monster boost on the market so you will have 100% Enslaver spawn in every floors/maps.

I dont have enough money to buy that. Whats the best option ?

Or another way to get monster boost is random boost from advert video that pops up in loading screen or complete the collect 5000 orbs feat (3750 if you have accomplished ascension).

Yeah, i can easily complete that feat but the reward is random.

True but that’s the only way to get them for free.

Yeah, i hopefully i could get one.

Hey cuzeg, can you please suggest me some rogue farming build with warrior hireling. I see you replied on my topic the “Crystalline/Eternalized Caps”.

Send me some photos or what in Rogue farming build. I will really appreciate it when u send me some. :slight_smile:

I haven’t built one yet but my warrior is basically a fortune bringer. Good example is this one from f00kee .

My warrior was based off fortune bringer but no need excessive affixes.

Generally for any build, efficient farm affix setup is 2x gold find crystal affix on main since gold find doesn’t need hirling to achieve but with 1x luck crystal affix on main and the other luck crystal affix on hirling.

Fortune 20 on both characters. 6x luck nature per character and mythic 3 difficulty on each character.

For item drops, either use all 6 fortune Mythstone per character and fortune 20 per character or 4x legend item drops affix per character with the fortune 20.

This setup above is if you have Epiphany (5) on both characters but I’m assuming you don’t have. This guaranteed 1012% gold and luck find as well as 350% item drops (812% luck and gold find with 250% item drops but it’s 350% due to 100% item drops bonus above cap).
Of course you also use Eternalized, Crystalline and/or Nadroji.

The setup without the need of epiphany below:

Gold find: 1x crystal affix gold find , 2x fortune 20, mythic 3 on both characters and 1x gold nature on main character gets you easy 650% gold find (850% with fortunate). This on main.

For luck: mythic 3 on both characters, fortune 20 on both characters, 1x crystal affix luck per character and some luck nature’s or so per character.

Item drops without epiphany: fortune 20 per character and at least 3x Legend item drops per character for max 200% item drops (300% when using hirling due to 100% bonus that makes it above cap) or using a certain amount of fortune Mythstone per character with fortune 20.

Of course this build even without epiphany would need farm sets such as crystalline and Eternalized and/or Nadroji . Even though no Epiphany, a lot more dmg and it’s cheaper if you haven’t found Epiphany.

My farm builds are terribly built so I think it’s a bad example to show. That’s why I’m considering rebuilding my farm builds.

It’s OK though already it’s still a farming build and I really appreciate ur help. Thank you

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It’s my last question sorry. Hmm where can u find a epiphany item? I know it’s on floor 600 but it took me 2Days ago and I still can’t find one.

It took me a week or week and a half to find one. I feel ya bro. Trust me, sometimes RNG will troll you real hard and not give you the item you look for until you least expect it. Also floor 600+ isn’t as forgiving as floor 200 in terms of giving legends. In floor 200, I get tons of legend drops very easily but when I go above that even with maximum farm stats, it suddenly feels like I’m in DQ poverty again.

For example I try to look for say cognition ring for a week but suddenly get like 8 Ragnarok Chakram, many epiphany hats, far too many Masochist gears and so much more gear that I found difficult to be easy until I find said cognition ring. Then if I try looking for epiphany hat, I won’t get any but I suddenly get too many of all the CV items and less of the masochist items and other weird things happening. Of course legend maps are great there . All I can say is farm smart meaning fast as possible and hard meaning as much as you can.
Eventually RNG gives in. Also I think you already knew but you get a good amount of ultra rare crystals there. When RNG rolled me for cognition rings, I managed to get so many crystals to make a decent PvP started.
If you do arena, open legend chests at floor 600 on wizard to speed up your chances if you get any. Clearing floor 600+ fast is also a good requirement and that can easily be done if you know how you can deal crazy dmg rather easily. Frozen and frostbiting with sets like momentum with farm sets are a great way as well as Arcanist and Ascendant.

Yeah, i think i notice some weird things happening after looting on floor 600+. I get a couples of Ragnarok with Different classes and some ultra rare crystals like obisidian and amethyst. I think 600+ is better farming map than 500+ and why does the Epiphany item wont show up.

I dont think that epiphany items on 600+ wont drop so easily because of the too many legend items it drop, But ill try hard to find one of the epiphany no matter what to complete my farming build.