About Epiphany Set

Is Epiphany Set and Epiphany Bonus works on Battle Arena? And why?

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Similar to my question but never post it.
Is the set bonus will reduct to 20% in arena?

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Will wait for the others to answer us.

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Yeah haha im wait to someone post it be because I want to try those new items how long will it go


some bonus will not work to arena due to arena cap and campaign cap is different, as i remember arena cap for attack speed is 24% or something near that, while Epiphany bonus need have atleast 70% attack speed, even if u have 45% attack speed (crystal affix) ×6 haste ms socket on item, ×5 epic attack speed. +6 haste nature i still don’t believe it will work lol and even if it work the slot affix it cost for active it is way too much due to affix value lowered to lvl20.

wizard vortex bonus will work i guess since it only need 24% -resources cost on item to active the effect boost torrent damage by 150%.

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then aftermath bonus will work because it require 4 aftermath

yep, if u use 4 aftermath set.

Thanks a lot @cronos4321 thats a better explanation.