About equality

How equality works? The higher ph i have the higher damage?

Equality works well with Equivalence Mythic, as the Mythic evens out your HP/MP to equal values automatically. otherwise YOU have to make sure your HP/MP is even.

I have also used it with Alchemy Mythic. I just had to make sure the HP/MP was equal.

if you use Glasscannon or Barbarian by themselves, that will ruin your HP/MP Equality%, unless you use one of each. as long as they are both the same amount, you are ok (45% for each of them for example).

hope this helps.


Thanks btw dude i have crushing flame and frozen and i also have nova mythic affix it is still work the nova?

yes. as long as you are attacking, you will have a % chance to Proc Nova.

Equality increases the damage of your attacks (except for Crushing Blow & Crushing Flames) and your MP/HP Regen.

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