Equality for Beginners

+7.5% DMG & All Regen per Rank of your Max (Codex > Dictionary > Sets)/ Total (Inventory > Item > Set Description) HP/MP %.

Harmony: MH (Wizard - Wand) (Warrior - Hammer) (Rogue - Chakram). any floor.
Balance: OH (Wizard - Orb) (Warrior - Totem) (Rogue - Vial). any floor.
Parity: Chest. past floor 6.
Symmetry: Head. past floor 11.
Poise: Ring. past floor 16.
Unity: Neck. past floor 21.

getting all six of these items will give you a ton of HP & MP, a lot of Regen so they stay full, and some decent DMG. all items have 2 Sockets each, so you could put Myth Stones in them if you want, or use Kyanite to take them out and use Angelite to put in Normal and Epic affixes. I used Myth Stones that are found on floor 50 or lower, and am still doing some tests to see what is possible.

at first glance, these items are only good for killing monsters, but if you take out some Sockets and replace them with some Luck & Gold find and some other affixes, you have a nice Beginners Farm Build with some good survivability.

at the moment I am on floor 100 something Legend difficulty, and haven’t died once. started on floor 90 and just kept climbing. oh yeah, my character is level 99 with level 100 items. lower level items wont be as good as the one I have, until you level up and find your own level 100 items.

Max/Total HP/MP %: if you go to your Stat Page and look to the left, you see 3 buttons in a triangle. Power at the top, Health to the lower left, and Mana to the lower right. now look to the right of the Stat Page and you will see a Weapon Skill. the top number is the DMG it does in one hit. if you put Stat Points into only Health or Mana, you will see your DMG going down. I had a Wand so it showed Storm. going from 5 to 103 Stat Point in Mana, the DMG for Storm went from 288.2k down to 227.8k DMG. so when using Equality Set, you want your Health & Mana to be equal, or very close to each other. the bigger the difference, the less DMG you do. and you do less HP/MP Regen also. don’t worry about your HP/MP going up and down in a battle, that is your Current HP/MP %. Equality is based on the Total HP/MP % on the Stat Page.

there are 2 Intelligence and Strength affixes on these items. make sure they are the same amounts, like 5 for all four, or 7 & 5 for one and 6 & 6 for the other, which is 12 for both. if 7 & 5 for one and 6 & 5 for the other, your are 12 & 11, which means your HP/MP % is less than 100%, so DMG & Regen go down. as you are leveling up, these small differences can’t be avoided, and can be fixed just by continuing to level up. I have 25.8k Health & Mana, so I just put all point into Power for more DMG.

Talents and Natures are Random, so you might not get what you want. you might not know which Talents and Natures are better than others, but when you get to the point that you do know, you can start looking for Equality items with the ones you want, or maybe you have found some Crystals that you can use to change them instead.

please enjoy using the Equality Items as you learn how play Dungeon Quest.