About frozen and electrocution

I’m satisfied with my current build but i saw some players talking about crushing flames with frozen or cf with electrocution. how does it work? how can i trigger frozen before the enemies get killed? how can i get electrocution stack if i keep on shooting fire arrows? and lastly what item should i replace so i can get one of those 2? btw this is my current buildimage image image image image image image


hi nice build there, if your asking how to stack electrocution damage you need to use weapons with lightning element then trigger the crushing flames by the ambush talent on amulet it lets you spawn traps in rouge projectiles so while hitting the enemy by your lightning element arrow your stacking the electrocution set effects then the fire traps that are spawn by your ambush talent on amulet will do the crushing flames effects, don’t forget the crushing blow and elemental critical, while in frozen it’s best to gather the monsters by taunt skill with ice element then kill them with your fire arrow that has crushing flames effects that’s all and happy gaming


Hi there, I think that because Frozen deals damage based on the last hit, with a crushing blow hit increased by crushing flames it would kill anything if you grouped the mobs with the cartographer.

However I do not think you are still able to do this, as Frozen will not use the damage from a Crushing Blow anymore as it makes PvE trivial.

Electrocution is a very good set to use with Crushing Flames. Your Crushing Blow gets them low and a shock OH will empower your fire MH with 500% damage below 25%HP.

I think you could change your Taosheng OH (Demonic is rollable with Amethyst, maybe swap it for Effective on your ring and put in a crystal weaken somewhere?).

There is a Vial, called ‘Ampered’ and grants the Electrocution bonus, if you have a shock element off hand as Shield_Hero has said the Ambush talent (20% to spawn a trap with projectiles) will use your OH element. Keeping Ampered as shock will ensure the traps spawned by Ambush will stack the shock debuff, in the meantime your fire arrows can deal damage and apply crushing blows and by the time they are below 25% HP your shock traps should be stacked and you will deal lots of extra damage


It makes sense now. :joy: thank you so much! Have a good day


your welcome and God Bless keepsafe and happy gaming.


Noted! I think i’m going for that kind of setup, i kinda like shooting fire arrows so it’s better if it stays like that and only my OH will change elements :joy: but like i said, i need more resources ‘coz i’m lacking with crystals rn. Thanks! Have a good day


@dickwad this are the items that i’m currently using, i will just swap my oh to electrocution and another ring with demonic + bonus depending on my mood. :joy:


Yo guys, how far do u think this build will take me?

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Crushing Flames can take you pretty far, but the problem is the last 25% of a monsters HP. Demonic doubles damage (except for Crushing Flames/Crushing Blow), but on higher floors, the last 25% HP keeps going up, so it takes longer to kill monsters, especially the Epic+ ones.

maybe put in 2 Epic Deadly Strike in place of the +5000 WD and a +10% Move Speed, or 2 of the +10% Move Speed. this will make 20% of your Critical hits do double Crit Damage. or replace them with 2 Glasscannon for +100% damage, since at higher floors, you don’t really need more than 1 HP, since you get 1 shot killed by monsters.

basically it ends up being a balance between survival and doing lots of damage.

I would suggest keep using what you have until it doesn’t works well, and while getting that far, do a Search :mag: for floor climbing Builds to see what works and what doesn’t that fits with the Build you want to use to get up to the high floors.


I hope i did the right thing -_-
please check my stupidity, i forgot to screenshot my pet, it’s still momentum with some cd, as and crit in there. I got 71.2 AS, 75 CD, 62.5 MS and 72 dodge. My ms was over the cap so i might change it later. Please tell me what should i do! THANKS!


for me, your build is about where I normally get to with Crafting. you are at the point where it comes down to maxing out affixes when you can, and testing other affixes to see if you can improve what you have. what you learn is that, either the build you have is good enough or has gone as far as it can, or it helps you get ideas for a better Build later on.

right now, my Farm Build is good on floor 505 M3, but now I am thinking of ways to make it good on floor 1005 M3 to farm for the new Items that came out with the latest Patch last year. I think I can use most of the Build, but I need to change the Element and some Sets, but I need to farm for the Crystals & Gold to make the changes.

my Climbing Build is still doing good, getting closer to floor 2k M3, but I have been thinking of what to do when I need to improve it for floor 3k+.