About Glasscannon

So im using glascannon in my and im always getting one-shotted in floor 350+ if it werent for my sanctuary can you give me so tips so i can last longer?

Glasscannon increases your entire DMG by 50% which is huge and usually a must have in campaign single player builds.

If you get one shotted, use sanctuary which will save you the death and you have 30 seconds until another sanctuary activates. Also try using crystal affix 30% dodge and maybe a 45% block. As you floor hunt on higher floors, being one shot is inevitable no matter the HP or if you do invest in such crazy high HP, it would take too many slots for you to deal any dmg to tough mobs. Also use crushing blow if mobs are too difficult for you.

Great way to generally feel high Dmg. Use 2-3x ED%, 1x WD% on the weapon (MH if you deal best dmg using MH special such as meteor, throwsword, etc; or OH for special skill like torrents, scalp, etc). Also use 1x/2x crit dmg, 1x crit chance and of course dodge with crushing blow as crystal affix. Pathfinder goes great with dodge but that’s optional. Momentum set with high move speed skills /mythics/affixes can increase your DMG by a crazy amount too. Of course another way is using set like frozen with frostbiting when frozen enemies explode and using Arcanist+Ascendant to really boost your power. Tons of options.
If you’re farming there, maybe a lower difficulty so you don’t always get one hit killed or something.

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