About Inferno and Vampiric Touch

About this 2 Set affix ive bee talking about, Does the Inferno DoT Speed affects the Bleed DoT speed ? Cos if it is i think it will be pretty OP and awesome and i have also a build in progress for PvP and PvE.

Yes. That’s also why fire+bleed was OP in PvP until perserverance 40% came out. But now your build will be nerfed by a huge 40% in PvP. That’s why a majority of the PvP meta even uses shock only and maybe the occasional ice element.

Still if you can deal good enough damage and survive, you’ll be fine. Also not everybody has perserverance.

In campaign it’s still extremely powerful, especially with crushing blows on high floors. Fire+shock+bleed also like my Charged Inferno Build and explosive 400% could be good with it. Although you don’t even have to add shock element as the fire element is enough to really destroy enemies. Devilpillar build is a great example .

Wooah ur still active

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Wow your back! Also I did have like 2-3 months break and came back recently on November and been active since. Or October 2016 I think.
I’m glad I know so much of this game and I created a great build for PvP but I didn’t realise you created a Discordance PvP build lol.

My discordance PvP build but in rogue is true and my campaign discordance orb rogue is extremely powerful too.

Midlumer also created an orb PvP build too which actually was great.

Wooah such good build with detailed info anyone would have easy time understanding ur build. I cant imagine how much effort u put on those build/threads it really great help to dq community specially newbie players. I salute u xd keep it up bro. Ive been playin some pvp having fun haha when new patch comin il gona go pve farming again

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Oh trust me I put so much effort :smile: :blush: . My dream build done. Also so many people are gonna look up to me which is why I want to be here as well.

I may eventually make some great YouTube videos too. My channel has been doing well, 30 subscribers and 2k lifetime views +counting.

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