About mage skill

If spend skill point to ‘timewarp’

Is it gonna make projectile more damage?

It said +5% damage when next upgrad, but i dont seem timewarp make any damage. I was like ‘then…what the hell +5% even do’ lol

I know how you feel. from what I’ve read on old posts, and from what I think it all means, the +5% per Rank damage from Timewarp is extra OH damage that is added to Projectile damage of the same element as the Timewarp. it’s either that or the Projectile damage x1.5 from Timewarp x Skill Rank damage %. another thought I had is that the extra damage from Timewarp Skill damage only affects enemies actually in the AoE of Timewarp.

I noticed that there is damage for Timewarp on the Stat Page, I just don’t know how it’s applied to a target.

I’m usually satisfied with the +50% damage, and the +60% damage from Cosmic Power (5) Set when used with Timewarp.

So basically, no need to upgrad timewarp right?

it depends on your build needs. for many builds, Timewarp with no skill points for the +50% damage is enough.

most of my builds use +10 All Skills on my MH & OH so all my skills have +10 automatically. for Timewarp this means +50% damage (which we don’t understand how it works…), +10% to TW’s size, +25% to Projectile Speed, and +10% to TW’s duration.

more Size mean more room to move out of the way of enemy projectiles or to cover more enemies by the Timewarp and shoot them from outside the AoE.

more Projectile Speed means more range for Projectiles.

more Duration mean you cast it less often during battles.

on another note, using Continuity Talent with Timewarp is really fun! I tested Continuity 40 and melee enemies are basically trapped (I can’t remember if teleporting enemies can teleport out if you move out of the Timewaprs AoE). they can’t move or attack. I tested it on Malum Worms, and I just moved behind them and started attacking them… they just keep looking away from me while their HP goes down, down, gone!

I can’t remember, but I think on maps with increased movement speed for monsters, it allowed monsters to move slowly in the Continuity Timewarp.

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