About Master Mythstone

Do Master affect the mythic proc gear like
Cosmic orb,boombard and other?


Thanks @CuzegSpiked another knowledge has been added :wink: thanks to you
Btw… why ur not active in PvP this past days?

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Me - GOBS these days are annoying.

@fudgenever10 GOBS? WHAT ARE THOSE?

That’s why I’m not active in PvP. Also because I’m a tester so it’s harder to defeat opponents with certain new sets/features to test out on my build.

I’m preparing for the next patch by farming a lot for some weeks as well.

Also because I don’t feel like it.

20 Obsidian, 10 Amethyst, 30 Rubies, 10 Zircons and 300 Topaz for next patch :grin: Just preparing to make a better build.

You never knew? They are the notorious group of cheaters in DQ wrecking Arena.

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scarcity of resource mate :smile:

@TYRON i didn’t know that coz im not always in Arena… my acc only had 100+ games o guess
So im not aware of them :slight_smile:

how to find out if the player is a cheater/hacker?

I see :slight_smile:

you can basically identify them in their gears, specially the perfect eternal pets.

but when i try to view there gears its only a “?” on it

On Eternal League you won’t be able to see the item affixes to prevent people from copying builds that’s why you’ll only see “???” except Eternals. That’s why be sure to keep an eye on whose legits or not.

okay noted :smile: