About my offhand


Would nova take effect if my main source of damage is just ricochet only?

Weapon type Mythic Affixes work just like Proc’s. you would have a 30% chance to Proc Nova every time you cast Rocochet, and then you wait for Nova’s Cool Down to finish to have a 30% chance to Proc Nova again.

if you are shooting Ricochet to clear everything near you before you move, Nova would only damage any enemies that Teleport or Rush you and that get in the range of it. Nova is centered on the Character. you could clear the weak monsters with Ricochet and get close to Epic+ monsters so that they are hit by Nova. or Vault around Pack Size Maps and have Nova do damage with Elemental Crits whenever it Proc’s.

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I use nova off hand. Its rubbish.

Thank you right now i chang it to explosion 400% damage

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Im eternal division 3pvp. I need to change
my off hand weapon.

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Permafrost set affix and you use electric element? I thought permafrost is compatible only on ice element

he’s only using it to get the 5000 mp regen from the permafrost bonus, with MP Absorb for extra damage reduction.


Thank you❤️