About Myth Effective

does we still need Legend Affix (Ignore Resist) if we have (Effective Myth) or that have different work? need help guys


You don’t need both at once ignore Resist cancels out effective.

You know those elements, fire, cold, ice, shock, arcane? The enemy you fight will be one of those element (usually tell by the colour),

If the mob is made of fire, he will take extra ice damage, etc. Effective makes your attack automatically deal the opposite element of the enemy you attack, so if you hit a fire mob with a shock weapon, effective converts the damage into ice,

Effective is bad in most cases and ignore Resist doesn’t add damage, just stops you losing damage in some niche cases

If you want to reduce enemy resists effectively, use ‘Weaken’ affix and try to get around 100%, cap is 200%

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Btw nice currency xD I wouldn’t post pictures like that onto the official forum, braver than me :laughing:

oh, don’t worry that just crack, that just for learn each affix and effect not for true online dungeon quest, because I don’t want to lost necessary item that very rare at true version of dungeon quest…

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the only reason Effective Mythic is the worst after Weaken & Ignore Resist is that higher Tier monsters have more Monster Affix slots, which means higher chances of having a Greater Elemental Resist that lessens the effectiveness of Effective Mythic or Immune to Element. the Map Affix Monster Affixes gives all monsters either +1 or +2 monster affixes, max of 6 (usually, only Mythic, Legend, and some Epic Tier monsters will have 6 monster affixes). on the low end, Normal monsters have zero affixes, so that map affix can make Normal monsters have 1 or 2 affixes. Effective Mythic & Crystal Weaken +90% is a good combination, and it only takes up 2 spaces. if you’re going for 100% Weaken or higher, you should only use Effective Mythic if you have the room to spare on your Build, as this combination will take up 3+ spaces.

also, it doesn’t actually change your attacks Element, it just makes your attack Effective against all enemies.

Ignore Resist means enemies lose their resistance to their Maps Element attacks, including Greater Elemental Resist and Immune to Element. the good thing about it is that it only takes up one space, the bad thing is you don’t do any effective damage and can’t use Weaken.

you can make powerful builds using either Ignore Resist or Weaken/Effective Mythic, it just depends on the Build. making an Ascendant & Arcanist Set Build requires Weaken to work.

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Yeah it doesn’t actually change the element or apply elemental effects based on the ‘effective’ damage element, I just think sometimes for newer payers they need easier explanations to actually understand and comprehend, especially if English is not the first language

It’s like school they give you jargon and claptrap to remember and recall in an exam, but you don’t understand whats going on!

I may say things on here which are not 100% accurate, but is reasonable enough for a new player to grasp the basic concept of what’s going on, but I am doing that intentionally to try and help their comprehension

If he wants to learn how effective, etc. Works there are loads of posts explaining it in much more detail, he’s either not understood them and needs a new way of understanding it or he doesn’t want to read pages of texts and wants a 1 sentence answer

Sorry I’m not trying to be rude, I see you help so many but you shouldn’t do it in vain

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Btw you have used it in PvP because I can see battle chests in your inventory…

maybe u just don’t understand what “crack” is mean, i play pvp in offline “crack”, crack is offline and the enemy is bot…

I don’t think bots can give chests… If they can though, seriously let me know and I’ll start farming eternal trophies.

The game is free, the only reason you need a crack is to not pay for vanity or stashes.

You have crystals and mythstones in your bag, ie not the infinite stashes.

So I’m not sure if you have got a cracked version or just used game guardian or something…

whatever u think, i’ve say, but u still don’t understand…

you can win Chests offline when your Character wins in PVP defense.

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Golem wut

I think my point is this guy is saying he plays completely offline on a cracked version,

Plus he didn’t say he defends, he said he plays against the AI to get the chests…

But to get battle chests, even if he defends offline, must still upload his character first, hence he still needs to be online at some point,

You can’t do this on cracked versions because they don’t run the newest version of the game, so can’t go online to play or upload…

I’m curious, if this guy can post pictures of himself having 1 billion dust and 2.147 billion gold, it’s okay?

However he got it, it’s okay, because he hasn’t edited items?

What is the point of me farming then? I may as well cheat and make whatever builds I want…

Even though there’s an option to spend real money on gold, this still cool with the devs if we just give ourselves the engine cap of gold?

ahh, ok, I see what you mean (the cracked version thing). I have no way of knowing if you can get Chests that way. sounds weird.

the Dev’s & Mod’s can send him to the Cheaters League if he uses his ‘mods’ in PVP, but if he’s just using the ‘mods’ for PVE, that’s up to him (the Dev’s have said they can’t ‘punish’ players using mod’s on PVE. it’s when they use them in PVP). sure, it isn’t easy farming all the time, but that’s how I learn things to improve my game.

if you really want the Dev’s to be involved with this thread, Flag the original post of the thread.

just about everything I’ve learned about DQ is either through playing or reading the DQ Forum or the Codex. I really don’t understand the need to use a ‘hack’ to learn about getting better at DQ. I’m already lazy, so a player using a ‘mod’ to learn how to play makes me look like I play 50 hours a day 10 days a week in comparison. that’s how I see it, sort of, kind of, maybe…


because i have more time at job and i want not to spend all my time at game, the purpose of game is for enjoy not wasting times, so I play dungeon quest crack which make you can get chest already at your storage with max gold and dust, if you want, you can search on YouTube a lot of it theres…
if I cheating, i have already banned but until now I still can play it, because i’m not cheating and I play it at original version…

and about ANTHONY161 maybe he/she just ENVIOUS, just because screenshot of cracked game he/she become ENVIOUS…what a pity…

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I’m so envious please teach me how to install .apk :joy:

:crying_cat_face: .