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Instead of giving a crystal affix, couldn’t obsidian turn any affix to crystal
For values, this is what I thought:
Normal affix: 3x the value of epic équivalent
Epic affix: 3x the value
Legend affixes: 2x the value
Set affix: becomes +2 for the set
Crystal affix: nope
Mythstones: 2x the value and affix cap + 10% up to 50% (including epiphany)
Mythics: boost defined by devs

haha, this is a nice post!

Normal Affix: Immune to Obsidian Boost. The values of these affixes are lower than Epic affixes, and should remain that way. one way to tell a Beginner from anyone else is if there is a Normal Affix on the Build anywhere. I guess Beginners graduate to Veteran status when they make a Build with no Normal affixes on it.

Epic Affix: 20 of these are on the Crystal Affix List. plus, the values are already 3x, except for HP/MP on Hit. the problem I see is that if Obsidian worked this way on any Epic Affix, the chances of converting an Epic affix to Crystal will be a lot lower than the chance for finding an Obsidian in the first place to keep the game balanced.

Legend Affix: The few that have Epic equivalences are already doubled. Armor is 2500 Epic, 5000 Legend, 7500 Crystal.

Set Affix: this would be a weird mechanic and really mess up game balance. besides, the Cap would still be Set (8).

Crystal Affix: :smiley:

Myth Stone: if I was a Dev, I would run screaming from my cubicle after reading this one and eat lots of :ice_cream: until I calmed down.

Mythics: if I was a Dev, I would start :sob: and get my emergency :beers: out of my hidden cooler and drink until I forgot what I just read. (sorry Dev’s, I don’t think you do this when things get crazy in your cubicle).

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Having the possibility to get a powerful mythic by salvaging crystal affix would allow new builds. I recognized I cracked with ms and 3x would be better than this weird mechanic. For sets, if you didn’t notice while using amethyst, they have a value between 1 and 1, so double it isn’t so weird. And for the mythics buffs, devs should ask the forum


salvaging a Crystal Affix to get a Mythic Affix instead is a good idea to a certain degree, but if an item already has a Mythic, then not good. I guess if an item doesn’t have a Mythic, then maybe a choice from a list of 2-3 choices that are available for that item, either from the Mythics for that item or Resource Mythics. you would then need a way to salvage/remove the Mythic also if you want to change it by salvaging the Crystals, and at the moment, only Quartz can remove a Mythic affix, which is a bad idea.

for the Set, I could see it get a +1 Boost, so that if a person had a different Set Affix on each item, then with +4 All Sets, all the Set Affixes would be Set (6) instead of Set (5). right now, it is only possible to get one Set affix to (8) and another to (7) if you only use 2 Set Affixes on a Build. with the +1 Boost, it would be possible to have 3 different Set Affixes to be (8) and the fourth one to be (6) with +4 All Sets.

there are a lot of Sets that would make a huge difference in a Build if it was easy to get to (8) and still leave space for other affixes. a huge game changer, both for Campaign & PVP. having a Build with 2 Sets at (8) and 3 others at (6) could make up for having 7 different Set’s most players have on their Builds. (as you can see, I really like the idea of multiple Sets (8) in a Build)

maybe a low chance to do the boost, 3 chances total and then locked out so can’t attempt a boost anymore. or low chance to get the boost, with an even smaller chance for the Set affix to be removed and you have to put it back on to try again, really make us work for the boost. this is of course for each Set affix.

I really don’t know about boosting the Mythics, but I know there was a mention awhile ago about looking over the Mythic Affixes and either changing less used Mythics or replacing them with new ones.

the Resource Mythics are ok, maybe add a few new ones. but there are a few Item locked Mythics that hardly ever get used, mostly because they suck, which is why changes were mentioned in the first place.

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When i said salvaging i meant that, because you can only have one crystal affix, you can’t have a crystal affix if you want boosted mythic (not 2 mythics, it would be broken)

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I see what you mean, but I don’t really have a problem with having a Crystal Affix on an item with a Boosted Mythic Affix.

the real problem would be, would you really want to put a Crystal Affix on an item with a Boosted Mythic? think about it. after boosting the Mythic, when you use Obsidian, what if none of the Crystal Affixes are ones that you want on your Build? you are stuck with an item with a Boosted Mythic and a Crystal Affix you don’t want or need. but every one wants Crystal Affixes because they free up space for other affixes, being 3x the value of Epic Affixes. unless you are only using Mythic, Legend, Set Affixes, and Myth Stones.

even if I have to use 2+ Obsidian to get the Crystal Affix I want and have to Salvage the wasted items for a Crystal, I do that to get the Build I want. same for the boosted Mythic. you might have to Salvage 1+ Boosted Mythic items because of bad RNG with Obsidian, because Crystal Affixes are so powerful in a Build!

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With this new use of obsidian, the old one would disseapear so having bad crystal affix is possible only if you have a bad affix and if you choose it.

Also, for mythics buff, here is some ideas:
Equivalence: puts lowest hp/mp equal to the highest.
Discordance: also effects offhand
Enegy: primary skils cost 7%, specials cost 20%, 40% regen. Dmg given raised by 150% of energy%
Fury: specials cost 40% and primary regens 33% more. No fury lost with time.
Raises specials dmg by 75% of fury% and primary by 10%
Sureshot: raises deadly strike by enemy’s hp
Mirrored: incrases reflect dmg by (dodge + block)
Summoner: raises cap of number of each minion by 2
Earthquake: gain 100% stun chance
Mythical: gives +5% all mythics procs including not crafted ones


only a few mid game builds could use Obsidian like this due to it being an Ultra Rare Crystal, and most late game builds make use of 6 Crystal affixes, rarely having less than 4, so even if it means losing the buffed Mythic item, most late game players will attempt to get a Crystal on that item.

Equivalence: already does this. a better one would be: Equivalence Buff: increasing Equality from +7.5% DMG & All Regen per Rank to +12.5% DMG & All Regen per Rank. these 2 already work well together, may as well make them do even better.

Mirrored: this is awesome idea!! I like trying to Craft Reflect Damage Builds, and it is a hard decision to put this Mythic on any Class other than Warrior. to balance it more, maybe Block % + 50% of Dodge %? I have always wondered which is more DMG efficient , Brutal or Mirrored for Reflect DMG Builds. maybe it is time for me to do more math tests…:nerd_face:

Earthquake: I think the Stun is already 100%. Magic+ Tier monsters might be partially resistant to Stun the higher Tier they are, so maybe Earthquake lowers their resistance to Stun by 50% for Earthquake only.

Sureshot: although this would make the Sureshot Deadly Strike 4x Crit DMG, it would still only work on the first hit of a full HP enemy. as soon as it’s HP goes down, Sureshot is just taking up space. you would have to Craft a Build around this Mythic to make good use of it.

Harmony: going from +25% to +35% for the opposite HP/MP Heal.

Brutal: add +10% Crit Chance & Deadly Strike over Cap.

Sanctuary: lower 30 second cool down to 20 seconds.

Edit: just did a search on Mirrored and found 1 or 2 posts. one was wondering if it was even working and some tests done to see what was what. now I want to do some tests to see if it works. would hate to Craft an expensive RD Build and find out I just made a horrible mistake.

Nova: gets +100% elem crit duration (+ 100% dmg for orbit)
Redirect: gives +10% dodge and block beyond cap

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does anyone have any favorite Epic Affixes they would like to have added to the Crystal Affix List?

right now there are 20 Epic affixes on the list. Block is the only with a restriction, can only be rolled on OH.

Block, Attack Speed, Deadly Strike, Cool Down, Crushing Blow, HP on Hit, MP on Hit, HP Regen, MP Regen, Armor, Resist, Total HP%, Total MP%, Dodge, Weaken, Crit Chance, Crit DMG, Gold Find, Luck, Reduce Resource.

I am not sure if Reduce Resource is still on the list. I was looking at the old Wiki and see that Legend Reduce Resource is still +10%, but it is now +25% reduction. guess I need to pay attention to my Obsidian choices.

maybe add 5 more Affixes to the Crystal Affix List?

just remember, although Crystal Affix values are 3x Epic Affix values, their values are not doubled on Eternal Items.

so if WD% was added to the Crystal Affix List and you found an Eternal Item with WD%, the values would look something like this. of course, Crystal WD% could only be rolled on Weapons.

Epic +200% WD, Crystal +300%, Legend +400%. of course, you would only have one of these on a weapon.

Epic to certain skills or talents haha :grinning:

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@dickwad , I actually thought about Epic Talents & Skills, and the only way to make them work as part of the Crystal Affix List is if there was still a little randomness, but with a smaller pool, like when one of these is an option in your list, it is a Talent or Skill you already have on one of your items. like if you have Twister as one of the 4 Skills on your Weapons, or Focus as one of the 4 Talents on your Non Weapons. still a small chance to get the one you want, but better than if it was from a pool of all available Talents & Skills usable by your Character. 1 chance out of 8 vs. 1 out of 40.

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Deadeye = deadly strike and apply obsidian on an affix (which is the main idea of topic) would help to have talents/skills that aren’t useless.

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the only reason to have Crystal Talent Affix is if you wanted a fifth Talent not on your items that is +30 instead of only +10, without using 2x +5 All Talent Tree and/or 2x +5 All Talents.

not all Talents are worth a Crystal Slot like this, but the ones that are would require part of a Build to be Crafted around it.

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Mythics buff ideas:

fury: gain 40% attack speed beyond cap

vanish: gain 100% dodge while stealthed (by vanish)

apocalyse: increases all summon affixes values by 50%

skilled: gives +10 to all primary skills in use