About Perseverance

I wonder why the Perseverance affix wont be rescaled on Pvp. Perseverance is an Affix yet cannot be rescaled or what and also Perseverance is on the Item’s Gear so the lower the iLvl (iLvl is 20 on PvP) the lower Perseverance too.

Second that

I think it was created specifically for pvp and was designed so you can effectively negate dot and bleed damage with 3 affix slots. I remember reading the post from the game designers that said they may even make it stronger and take less slots if it didn’t help reduce the dominance of dot/bleed damage in

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Sometimes 80% Perseverance is still nothing you know. One of the Eternal Div 1 Player deals 15k Bleed in my Character even though it just Round 2 and I have 80% Perseverance. Hmmm. I remember his name Savager.

Yeah savager can hit hard. He updated his build and was doing crazy damage to me until I added more mitigation.

According to the developers 3x perservance is supposed to totally negate dot/bleed damage.

3x perseverance will fully negate DoT / bleed --> making that type of damage 0. Perseverance was fixed / kept at 40% for each legend affix to give the players control over DoT. The fire, bleed and poison was out of control from the beginning of the arena until a little over a year ago.

WTH I did nothing to my build i just changed weapon and mythic of it lol

Sometimes that’s all it takes. All I know is almost overnight 2-3 people changed their builds/AI which caused me to do the same to compensate.

2perseverance +20%recovery from bloodless will give 100% DOT reduction?


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