About Proc DMG

I don’t know if this is relevant or not, but I’m telling anyways. I noticed that if you have different elements in your MH and OH, say for example you have Poison elmt in your MH(Bow) and Ice element in your OH(Bomb with SmokeBomb as Special), and say for example you have a Bomb proc (which is an OH special skill), it follows the Ice Element when it procs. Now if you have Sentry Proc, it follows the Poison Element when it procs. My analysis is that when a certain OH Proc skill is trigerred, it inherits the Main Hand’s Element IF there is NO existing same skill in your OH special, such as the said case before. My question is does Proc skill also inherit Main Hand’s Base Damage even if it is an Offhand Proc Skill?

Is it Proc dmg --> Mainhand Base Damge
Proc Dmg —> depends if MH or OH Proc Skill?

Proc damage is calculated correctly so if it is an offhand skill it will be based off offhand damage and if it’s a main hand skill it will be based off mainhand damage :smile:

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Thanks for helping out!

I’m always glad to :grin: :+1: a side note that is interesting is that the 1 skill that can do either or is when you are using Arc dodge if you have it on your offhand your arcs will do damage based off your offhand anywhere else they will do damage based off main hand :smile:

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What if your all proc skill are in ROBE,HEAD,RING,AMULET ? where the damage base ?

@Dumbledore it is based on ur overall damage and power :grin:

@Dumbledore this remains true no matter what piece of gear procs are placed on :smile:

ahh ok . it depends on what proc . if mainhand or offhand . now i know . by the way thanks

So for example your main hand had the storm proc, and it’s element is ice based and has element damage , or deadly strike or any other critical then it adds up

Oooh I forgot check out the maelstrom and mayhem set affixes :sunglasses: