About Pve high levels - Beating "zero life" healing epic/legend/mythic bosses


When i got 1400+ floor i can kill everything. I use a Hireling but… When im fighting against healing bosses i cant beat them at near zero life. Can i ignore healing ability? I dont want an answer at floor 500… how can i tic and kill? Removing crushing blow from either, main or hireling is the way?


Crushing blow does help bring enemy’s health down but it can’t kill them. Put Demonic (5) in your build as it reduces healing by 30% and increases your damage by 100% when enemy’s health drop below 30%. I don’t think there’s any affix/skill/set that ignores healing tho… Is there? Hope this helps


Another set for reducing healing effects was Gladiator set in your legend trophy.


Get more dmg.


or use Diamond to take Healing off of the map. the Electrification Set is +50% damage per rank when enemy HP is below 25%. Demonic is +25% damage per rank when enemy HP is below 25%. the dictionary in the Codex says 30%, but when you read the description of the Set on the item, it reads 25%. I think the enemy needs to be stunned for Electrification to work, but I don’t have my game turned on at the moment.