About PvP Chests

Does Luck% or Eternalized Set affix affects Chests ? I mean i want an Eternal trophy but i opened about 5 Eternal Chests i got no trophy. Some hints and tips please. :sob:

Play lots and watch advertisements :smiley::smiley:

Luck, Crystalline and Eternalized does affect chests but only if you open them on a farming character setup .

But actually getting chests isn’t influenced by luck and farming affixes in PvP.

Instead you have to win a lot to get many chests as possible and watch some adverts to increase rarity whenever possible.

Prepare some gold for converting chests into higher rarity chests too as well . Epic to Legend chest and Legend to Eternal.

When opening eternal chests, make sure to save at least 10-15 before opening them up for the eternal trophies.

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Ahhh ok. Now i know that Chest can be converted HAHAHAHA 5 4 Months of playing but still didnt know this wahahaha thank you.