About regeneration in pve

Guys i want to ask about an important thing. monsters and boses will have a higher hp regen floor after floor right? On which floor the monster & boss regen will be so high you cant even kill theö without demonic affix may i ask floor 100000 or 1 million ? I am just asking becuz of my curiousity☺️

Depends of you DPS: If you’re dealing 1B damage per second, you won’t take down monsters with 200B HP (supposing a 0.5% healing).
BTW, hp regen isn’t natural on mobs, they only get it if you take a map with this affix, so you can just avoid if it becomes a problem.


At some point of the game you will notice that affixes that improves your total dmge such as (crit chnce, crit dmge, attck spd, deadly strike, weaken, armor reduc, reduced healing and etc.) will be useless since enemies like mobs and bosses have trillion-septillion hp. The only thing that matters at that certain point of the game is crushing blow and frozen set affix :smiley:

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Crushing blow and crushing flames. Frozen affix can also help also. Both even.