About season reward system


hello everyone i just want to ask is it possible to persuade devs to lower the vanity rewards for mythic league? i know battle arena only gives rewards for hard work but i just cant make a build to rise to eternal it is too hard for me look at league of legends for instance they give season rewards to gold (similar to legend league) players too not only challengers ( similar to eternal league) i dont ask to give every one that rewards but it is too hard to get to eternal league and i am tired of pursuing mythics or crys legends with bad luck just think about it do eternal players give their rank easily for others? I just want to see the arena as an enjoyable battleground not as a pyramid of rewards and ranks


Don’t stick to a build.


That kind of only reinforces his point… to swap builds like underwear is really a thing for the rich.

Not that I have a problem with It, either way… arena is supposed to be rewarding for those few hard core players that choose to go so high.


I’m not rich. Try switching legend items


You’re richer then most. :slight_smile:


I have a job on minimum wage


Lol… talking about in game wealth. Haha


people who have completed the game and want a challenge to specialise i build for, if your not far enough into the game then the pvp is a very difficult place and making a build for it is a waste of time… get to know the game before you dive into something like pvp


I got lucky with an elixir bug though


Lol. That was a nice bug wasn’t it.


Got lots of elixirs lol


i feel like i missed out on something big :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol. There was also the topaz pet glitch. Made for cheap craftin


If you make a build it has an inherited weakness. So play around without any item you find. Costs nothing.


easier said than done


Really isn’t lol.


These conversations were too funny.


Budget build to eternal league - early game character.
Rogue level 50.
Chaos ring - plagued + storm proc
Frightening choker / nadroji amulet +set bonus
Ragnarok chakram - defiant - cosmic orb mythic
Craving chest - vampiric touch
Archers bonnet hat - pathfinder
Any bomb offhand - easy to kite around
Any pet you have.

Roll flat ed and health on all pieces with some crit chance.

Bonus - stagger talent. Proc storm and stand inside while they are permastun

Congratulations you are in eternal league.

Anyone share their thoughts?


Not bad. Sounds like it could definitely get you there.

Also my discordance orb rogue can definitely get you far with somewhat low cost too.

Also having Battlemage + skullshield for wizard or Battlemage warrior and scalp , shield or hatchets.


Yeah that’s definitely a great build. This is something thrown together off the top of my head that could very easily get you to eternal league with the absolute minimum of time and crystals/mythstones invested. Probably within a day of reaching floor 200 depending on luck getting a nadroji/frightening choker necklace.