About set affix - berserker

Dictionary says that berserker increases chance to stun as much as attack spd
does this mean chance to stun on hit likes attack spd ?
I guesses like that but it is ineffective.
What is the problem?
I’ll be looking forward to your reply.

That means if you have 60% attack speed, 60% chance to stun enemies. Very good if you know how to use in build. Any form of stun works well with high voltage after all. Goes real well with a fast attacking and DPS build too.

It’s not the best but it’s alright. I think there’s a good reason why it’s only limited to drops.

use gun + atk speed + elec element = unli stun

I am using bow and have berserker affix + 60% attack speed.
But stun effect is not working. I don,t know why.
Shoud I meet the other term ?