About Special Skills

Hi, I have a question about changing special skills. For example, my toon is a rogue and have multishot with 20 points as my special skill. If i decide change it to for example Meteor, will the points still be 20? Even if we rogues don’t have Meteor as our default special skill?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

u still have the point in it (multishot) but it will be a waste coz it only effect/boost damage for Multishot. for outside class special. there is only 2 way to boost it damage. first is by using identity set affix and second legend affix +2 all skill or via elixer mythic stone (socket on MH and OH) it give +5 all skill for each.

The affix + all skills only add points to your heroic skills depending on what mh or oh weapon you’re using. :smile:

as i remember, ive asking this question long time ago in old forum. and as i remember it boost… it just not show the stat of outside class skill page so u not seing it. the only thing as i remember cannon be used is other class talent. if u have any outside class talent on your pet it wont work. but if u have outside class +X skill on pet and u use that skill. it will help/boost.

I see. But it seems like a waste of slot if you’re planning on putting more than one to just focus on one skill outside your class (it will boost your other skills though) so I think Identity will suffice.
Just my opinion. :sweat_smile: