About the Auto Sell

I have some suggestions or maybe a comment about the auto sell(individual selling or sell all).

Can the devs please add an option to what rarities you want to autosell. Like if I’m farming in floor 200 and I don’t really need legendaries showing up there, I don’t need to individually sell those items. Or if I want to keep epic items so I can convert them and won’t be worried if I accidentally clicked sell all and ok by mistake.

Or if not an option to what kind of items you can lock or unlock automatically in your inventory. So if they are locked(like if you locked All Rings), they cannot be auto sold without notifications regardless of rarities. Or unlocked(for example All Pets) regardless of Rarities they will be sold when you click individual Sell without notification or Sell All.

It’s just a suggestion though. I know this will need real hardwork and added data to the game that will make it heavier for the RAMs.

Might just be more careful when selling items.

we have that kind of setting way back at 1.6 or 1.7 correct me if I am wrong the lock item so they cannot be sold I always waiting for that setting to get back again

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