About the Future Update (Clan Battle)

Uhhhmm just suggesting if maybe Guild or Clan would exist in Dungeon Quest because i think it will be pretty fun if the guild has a limit of 5 Players and can battle through PvP or can adventure through PvE with the Guild mates (or maybe not hahahaha). If this suggestion would become true it will be pretty great and FUN.

Clan Battle Arena that can only be joined when you have a clan.
Clan Battle Arena that can only be find match up to 3-5 Players only.

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Great suggestion.

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I think if we have guild for updates we will need Chat box to…

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I Agreed on Mr.Scooty. can be 5v5 Clashing too when clanwar battles. 3v3, 4v4, 5v5.

Its okay with no clan, i just want an update with bluetooth gameplay so we could compete with our friends or schoolmates

I have no real life friends… I never met anyone who would like DQ at all based on bad stigma of mobile games and because of ‘Graphic Whores’ as they’re obsessed with the realistic graphics and play PvP to scream like crazy people and wouldn’t care less for the building part of DQ.
Not even my brother or sister are interested in this style of game. I’m not even sure if that style of game would come.

As for guild’s, well I dislike this idea. I had a bad history for guild’s for as long as I played online games ever. Every time I went to a guild, I always had bad times and I don’t know anybody to really chat to in DQ and those who I do chat to, I chat in messaging apps. I mean guilds are interesting but it could also really fall apart. This was the biggest reasons why I quit clash of clans and every game with a guild or clan.

But if the guild does go successfully, it would go very successfully. Also this community is more friendlier than every other community I’ve ever seen and having a good time would definitely be awesome.

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@CuzegSpiked who knows dude u might actually enjoy having a guild… I mean fighting in a guild is part of the challenge too plus u are pretty strong and i want to be in a guild with you :joy::joy::joy:

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Guild sounds fun and i agree with jclash maybe you can add in the game that connect to friends so someone.can help you or duel with you like bluetooth or mobile hotspot.

Nc . and ihope someday we can customize our own hero . like choosing/creating/crafting own vanity/hairstyle/faces with sucess/failed . and high requirement needs. So many diferent faces and identity in battle arena :sweat_smile:

Yeah totally.

And also, just suggesting these new Set Affixes (LifeSteal, Plasma, Molten, Flood, Mothernature, and Darkness hahaha you can make the description of these.)