About the Resource Mythics

Don’t know if there is already a question or discussion about this but what are the differences between the Resource Mythics like Fury, Energy and others? Blood Magic is obvious but I don’t know the difference of the other Mythics to the others.

1.fury - converts your resource system to fury. using fury as resourse system instead of mana. u gain 10 fury per primary skill you use then you lose 50 fury using special skills.
dmg of special skill inc base on fury% u got

2.enerygy - (use energy instead kf using mana) converts your resource system to enegy. u gain 30 energy/sec. u lose 10 energy using primary 30 energy u lose using special. ur overall dmg will inc base on energy % u got

  1. bloodmagic - removes your mana bar. transferrung your mana value to your hp but on casting skills and attacking u will use ur hp as reasource system instead of mana. the casting cost of all ur spell will be doubled and ur dmg inc base on ur losing health%/1.25%

4.Discordance switch your mh special skill and primary skill cd and dmg . ur mh specially skill dmg can be boosted by using multi attack and xtra atk affixes.

5.alchemy - losing hp or mp reduces hp or mp depending on which is highest . gaining hp or mp restore hp or mp depending on which is lower % … dmg dealt inc base on half of ur lowest hp and mp % … dmg taken is equal to half of your highest hp and mp %

this are all the mythic resource system.

Ok thanks air roykiyoy.

You got the dmg dealt and damage taken mixed up. You take more damage based on the highest current % and you deal bonus DMG based on 50% of lowest current %.

@Clogon thanks for correcting me