Accidental Upload? Passed a perf roll? Post your Epic Fails!

I just did my first mis-click and luckily it sucked but not too bad,y, but I was thinking you gents who’ve been playing far longer probably have some tales of woe, and I’d love to hear them!

As for me- I was enchanting, went from floor 20-78(EP 7 since 1) with lvl 20ish equipment (rolled while inexpensive and didn’t want to level till 100 if possible), but found I was getting one shotted if I didn’t get my HP regen constant (warriors + early blood magic =s FUN), so though, well maybe roll a few. Got stuck on one stat and rolled like 400k worth, got a crap roll, went to download, and you know the rest. Sucks cuz I’m a noob and just cost myself time AND gold but it was still kinda funny after.

Yesterday I was pretty excited about a good fitting legendary item and I wanted to roll it to lvl 100 to get some better stats on it, didn’t really care much about my loss since it was late at night before going to bed. Anyway I ended up spending 2m without dl/ul because I just wanted a quick upgrade…

Once i accidentally sold an epic 6-epic-affix item that i had spent lots on making… It was too late for undo, because i had already clicked on the next item. I was quite pissed, to say the least.

Burned a battery on my previous phone (galaxy s2) by overplaying DQ (which was such a huge batterymelter) ahah

Accidentally sell my first legendary pet. I hate myself :frowning:

my very first mage character which was created at the time when Seeking was an affix on an item (and not the setting in the options). Lots of legendaries and all that good stuff.

accidentally deleted DQ from Play Store… and then i realized… that i have never uploaded it…

Yep, had a cataclysm(!) ring, accidently sold it, instead of downloading to get the ring back, i accidentally pressed Upload and even if it was only for a sec, I cancelled the upload and overwrote my data. Had to farm another then.

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CentraBPM, Warrior Level 99
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Aww, you guys are making me sad :frowning:

Here’s one to make you feel better! Today I was messing around in my stash and sold a legendary warrior ring (the one with druid) that I was waiting till ilvl100 to reroll…accidentally dols from STASH! And guess what doesn’t EVER work in stash other than SORT?!? You got it…UNDO! So…it let me LOOK at the item I just sold…but clicking did nothing…the ghost of my ring just sat there…laughing at me…I am…fading…aw…

Moral of the story–don’t go a few levels without uploading when you get grind fever! Wasn’t worth me going back who knew how many levels for a ring I will (HOPEFULLY!!!) see again