Accidently deleted my void slime

Noooo, I decided to switch second slot from wizard to rogue but appearantly I FORGET TO MOVE VOID SLIME TO SHARED STASH :frowning:
Void Slime.
What should I do ? I can’t exploit this game, It’s unfair

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hopefully, a Dev might be able to recover the Void Slime… but if not, you’ll just have to farm Enslavers like crazy until you get another one.

in my early noob days, I made the same mistake when changing the Character Class of my Character Slots a few times. now I double check for Pets and Items I don’t want to lose when I do that.

one thing to do… if you haven’t saved over your most recent game since you lost your Slime, you could delete DQ and reload and see if you get it back from your most recent save. I wouldn’t consider this an exploit, but more of a fixing a mistake and recovery of a difficult to obtain Item. don’t do this if you already saved the game since you lost the Void. better to wait and see if a Dev can help or not.

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I have made similar mistakes several times before and lost at least a couple loved pets. :disappointed:

Nah, I’m okay thank you for your concern bro, I will focus on slaughtering enslavers hahahaha


I have so many of the other Legend Slimes, and I think 2 each of Heaven & Hell, but only one Void Slime. I’m kind of afraid of making a Poison Build for it, and I’m not sure which Class I want to use it with.

I’m actually more in awe of my Void Slime than my 2 Merlin Imps, and I never thought I’d get even one of those! (one was with a floor climbing build and the other with my farm build, crazy, right?)

it’s because I got the Void Slime that I bought the Shadow Night vanity for my characters. I thought that they would go great together…


@Golem i have a question… the enslavers spawn around top right and lower right parts of the map right? If so then this will help me farm faster. I still have the build that i posted some time ago and it still works. And also about the pet drops does it matter on what character i use with hireling?

Pet drops are totally random and are unaffected by Class or if you are a Solo or Team Build.

I have found Enslavers everywhere… I think. because you could spawn in any part of a map, the Enslaver could spawn anywhere also. near the Map Exit, near the Cartographer, near a Shrine or the Pool, on the way to any of those, not near any of those, might be close to where you start… I’ve basically met Enslavers everywhere. but I do see that the Enslaver usually spawns more often far away from where you spawn, and less often when closer to your spawn point.

I think that’s why Enslaver Farm builds are made to move fast, so that if the Enslaver isn’t where you think it is, you can search and find it quickly.

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I kinda saw a post about the enslaver spawns which they spawn around upper right lower right part of the map but i don’t remember who posted it and i guess it’s true cuz it does work(maybe on floors less than 1k cuz I’m still on floor 500+)

I’ve seen those posts also, but I have seen them everywhere. there have been a few times I’ve run into one right outside my spawn point. I think they usually spawn far from the spawn point, but it’s still random, but I guess most Enslavers spawn in a corner furthest from where you start. and I’m up to floor 2k and a bit and I still found Enslavers everywhere.

Can u show me ur pets that u have so far? I’ve been wanting to get eternal pets and so far only normal legend pets mostly SLIMES😭 also the merlins imp how many floors did it take to get one?

If you had an issue with the slim DM me and I can try to help.

my first Merlin Imp was with my floor climbing build around floor 1400ish m3 back in 2019, and the second one was floor 510 m3 with my farming build back in 2022. (I did a little Searching :mag: just now to jog my memory).

I think I’ve found about half to 2/3 of the Legend Pets and only 3 Eternal Pets. and about 5 or so Epic Pets that I still use to test builds or in PVP.

wow, I just looked in my LegendEx and I only need Rage, Flame, and Prism Legend Pets to have all of them and only Scout, Bane, Flame, and Aether Eternal Pets so far. hmm, and that after playing for over 6 years… and only one of the Eternal Pets had affixes that might be useful in a build that I might make but probably wont.