Account data BUG!

Why my experiences and hero points go back to ZERO . I don’t know what happen to my account . I just download my data from the server after I’ve finished to update my apps. And then I check my legendary stuff , cs / ms , dictionary , stat and then i saw my experience and hero points it became zero . my data was uploaded last week and I was have experience 30b+ and hero points is 100k+ at that time . I don’t have any proof to show because I don’t have any screenshot of that .

Please help me to get back my data. sorry for my poor English but hoping you read this steiger and the Dev . [emoji24] [emoji24] [emoji24]

Would suggest you to save your data once a day, especially when a new patch is almost released
So if you save your datas, and a bug happens, you can delete your app’, reinstall it, and get back your datas from the server

To do a restore on any Account information including characters, items, IAP, or anything else, please follow these steps:

[ul][li]Email us at[/li]
[li]Provide us with your DQ Account email ( we don’t assume your forum account is the same as your DQ Account, and we would like to avoid you posting emails on the forums )[/li]
[li]Provide us with as much information about your account and what’s missing. This will help reduce the amount of questions we need to ask![/li]
[li]Wait until we contact you back to choose “Download” on your account ( and don’t “Upload” unless we ask )[/li][/ul]

Emailing support is the fastest way to get your Account back up and running. Contacting developers directly through PM or forums is much slower ( we’re often busy working on the game :smile: )

OK I’ll do it thanks for the reply

Steiger I was discover a new BUG and I think this is the biggest mistake you’ve created right now . Where I can message you privately for this info . Because I don’t want it to show this kind of info .

To others

E-mailing is perfect for that :smile:

+1 to that. Send me an email and I will get it sorted excalibur

Replying was done

Hmm steiger I ask something , before I send an email to the support management I was uploaded my data to server when i was found the bug , and then after you check my oldest data , where you gonna put the lost data ? in my latest uploaded ? Or from the data before I upload the new one .