Account issues

I recently got a new phone and had uploaded my characters to my DQ account from my old phone. But when I installed it and logged in on my new phone and they were gone a long with all the legends gear I had accumulated in the codex. My 87 wizard, 14 ascended rogue, and a 70 something warrior were gone. Do I have to start all over?


Are you sure that you uploaded it ?

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did you recover purchases in Options?

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Positive. I learned my lesson before when i hadnt uploaded.

I tried that earlier and noticed Iā€™m missing a character slot as well.

then I would suggest sending @tdaniel a pm and see if he can help or give advice on how best to get this fixed, if it is possible.

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Alright, I appreciate it.


We only have access to the most recent player data that was uploaded to the dq account system.

I can look up your specific account but I need you to tell me what the email address is for your dq account.

Send me a direct message with that info, do not post it in an open thread for your own privacy.



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Welcome @Omexxus