Activate Shrine While in Inventory

A few times now I have somehow managed to activate a shrine while in my inventory (while in the process of putting on my hunter ring).

Thats just a bug, i think they will fix that but just stand a little bit away from the shrine when you equip it but after that it doesnt matter much

That’s why I posted it in the bug report forum :slight_smile:

I think it is when I click directly on the shrine through the inventory. Which actually can make the process faster, potentially.

Hey! Thank you for your bug report. It will get fixed in the next patches.

Stupid question… what’s a shrine? (Want to know so I can avoid doing whatever it is being described here lol)

The multi-colored statues that give you a certain buffs and the purple pools that restore your health; these are shrines. I’m sure you may have heard that using the Hunter Ring on these will also help you farm quite a bit. :wink:

OH… I didn’t know about the Hunter Ring. I have never even seen a Hunter Ring in game haha.

It is a Mythic affix. Only can be crafted.

Having played more this bug is actually convenient, so I don’t have to close the menu to spawn the guardians. Still bad for new players, though.