Activation of bonus skills

How to active crushing flame bonus?

I already have 3 crushing flame but not activating

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Something isn’t right. It should activate as long as one of the 3 is obviously the armor that has the CF bonus affix.

Can you post the build showing the inactive bonus?


do you have Crushing Flames (3) with +2 All Sets or Crushing Flames (3) with 3 different Items with Crushing Flames?

any bonus that requires a certain number of Ranks of a Set to activate means that many Items with that Set.


My other +2 all set is in ring

your Chest doesn’t have the Crushing Flames Bonus… or do you have 2 different Chest Items with Crushing Flames, one with the Bonus and the other without?

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Looks like the actual bonus affix is missing.

You probably crafted the chest piece and added the Crushing Flames set without the bonus affix.