Adamant Crystal

The adamant crystal would be a vessel crystal. What you would do is when you would apply an adamant crystal on an object, it would destroy the object and infuse the adamant with the element of the object.

Heliodor Adamant: Shock
Vanadium Adamant: Poison
Bixbite Adamant: Fire
Aquamarine Adamant: Ice
Tanzanite Adamant: Arcane

Then, you could apply the infused adamant on an item and it would change the element for the element of the crystal and set an affix to that item that themes the adamant’s element.

This is just a proposition and I know that this isn’t the best, as I only took a few minutes to think of this.

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Very creative! Doesn’t calcite accomplish the same thing or am I missing something?

Calcite does it randomly and doesn’t set an affix

Are you saying infuse an item with an element via crystal so that one item can have multiple elements?

No, I meant that you sacrifice an item to put the element on the adamant and then you set that adamant to another item to get the element and a bonus affix

Interesting. I believe the function of elements are twofold, damage & resist. The game currently allows you to tailor 4 gear (helmet chest amulet ring) with elemental resist, and 2 gear with elemental damage (MH & OH weapons). Pets can also be tailored for elemental resist.

Since each affix slot is a premium for high level PVE chars, the idea could work if the adamant affix was an elemental damage % affix. Ex, emerald adamant 100% poison ED. Currently legend ED% affix is only available on certain gear & cant be rolled. Can only roll 20%ED epic affix. And there is already a beefy +5000ED epic affix so thinking Adamant shouldn’t result in a +ED affix. Don’t think peeps would be as interested in an Adamant that gives elemental resist since can roll Obsidian All Resist.

IMHO your idea could gain traction if people could add a legend ED% affix to any gear via crystal. Devs could make Adamant rarity between Ruby & Amethyst.

Downside, this can already be accomplished by farming gear with ED% and converting the gear to the class they are playing.

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An item to change mythstones to crystals of the same level, vice versa.

I like the idea but why not make it purely a catalyst like an item has a affix you want use the crystal to save said affix and destroy the item. Ex you have a scorpio bow with 100% damage legendary affix you want to transfer. Use the crystal to select the affix and hit use. It destrows the bow and imprints the affix onto the crystal. It’s like what we already have except it’s NOT random we PICK what the crystal gives.


Creative idea!

IMHO such a crystal would seriously cripple the need to hunt for unique gear & negate the Jasper crystal. All you would need to do is find one gear with the affix u want, Adamant the affix & reuse on another gear. No more hiking floors to unlock drops for certain gear with desired affix combos. I personally like the “quest” part of the game where I gotta hunt certain loot to find key affixes and convert to another class if needed.

For example, if you wanted 100% WD legend affix, which is a premium affix, you could just farm a Scorpio hatchet at Floor 20. It would make hunting ultra-rare drops like the Vacuus Scipio pointless.

Limiting the Adamant to only 1 type of affix, like ED%, might work.

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