Add a story to the characters

Would be so awesome if u guys could also add a story line to the characters… Hahah it would be so much more interesting. :joy::joy::slight_smile::slight_smile:

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:sweat_smile:like a typical online rpg?

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That’s what I was suggesting before. I looked at the wiki and I think the bosses of DQ are based on the 4 bosses of Diablo 2 in 4 acts. I mean a story would be nice but pushing the game engine limits would be something and other reasons. I was thinking recently a story up to floor 1000 thanks to Arcanist + Ascendant combos. Maybe not a story but maybe spice up boss battles and probably include them for maps up to floor 1000 or not. Idk, just some ideas.

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Ikr ahhahah

Warrior father
Rouge dauther
Wizard grand father
they all blood related the end.


8/8 goodness.

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I came here to say the same thing. Just a little story doesnt have to be deep just a little bit of a story for the 3 toons to follow along.

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If Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Eric can create a background story for Scrotie Mc Boogerballs -

I’m sure the developers could too.



I remember my story suggestion but it obviously doesn’t need to be there is story of any kind could be very simple if they ever chose that decision. However they would need writers for the story and honestly now that I think about it , no need for a story really. Story could help but I think what keeps players far more immersed is the affixes and stuff.

Maybe something to motivate new players though is a very good thing but the game definitely gets easier everytime. Or something any kind of player would want to stay playing the game a bit longer since some things can get boring after a while.

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Waayyy too short xD


but meaningful :sunglasses:

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This game is pretty cool, a history line would make it even better.
Quests too? Maybe?

Yeah. Quests though definitely. It is called dungeon quest after all.

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You got my point! LOL

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