Add Affix Menu Unresponsive

Sorry if this has already been reported.

While attempting to use an Amethyst on a Crystal Orb the add Affix Menu became Unresponsive. After tapping options for around a minute I switched to Droid home and tried again. No luck. I’ve force quit the game and lost (now) two Amethysts trying to get it to work!

Are there any fixes I can do to resolve this?

Is there a way to get my crystals back?

Hey! Can you upload a screenshot of your Crystal orb please?

Hi John I think I got you resolved on my end earlier today. Thanks for the tip on the bug as well.

Hi guys,

Sorry for responding so late.

Yes @tdaniel it was resolved by you thanks again!

@Refia the problem was user error :frowning:

When the menu popped up I instinctively clicked the greyed out check mark instead of the text box adjacent. I will no longer have this issue as clicking the adjacent box works just fine.

Sorry about that!