Add an ads button for free boost

Hello there, i used to play this game years ago and decided to come back to it but made a new account. Since i paid a few character slots, i have no access to ads anymore for the free boosts that come in handy sometimes. I was wondering if it was possible to add an ads button somewhere, where we could chose to watch an add for the 20mins boost, or show the boosts screen before going into each level where we can chose to watch an ad sometimes like it usualy is, because it just skips it for me since i bought slots. That would be rly nice thx

For me, sometimes it’s there and sometimes it isn’t.

Also, I’ve tried to buy some boosts and it never works:

well before i bought slots, i would roughly get an ad for a boost every like 3-4 levels but since i bought, it doesn’t even show the boosts screen before each lvl , so impossible to watch ads x)

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It’s even more annoying when the button is there, but doesn’t work :expressionless:

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Or it gives you the experience boost when you’re not ascending.

Yay! :pensive:

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