Add shortcut to codexentry from legendary

Could we add a “go to codex entry” button when you inspect a legendary item?
As a new player I don’t know which legendaries are rare, and now when I am starting to get quite an influx of legendaries it’s hard to know which legs to keep and not. Clicking through the codex each time takes gameplay time away from playing the game.

Although i cant give you and confirmation about what the devs decide to do for future updates, i can give you this

If you look at the sets that cannot be obtained through amythest, that will tell you give you an idea on what items to keep
Also personally, when i was a new player and didnt know what to collect, i just grabbed one of everything and then after learning what to keep, i was gonna shorten it down to a few but i kept them for being good for testing ideas without really costing anything

Thanks for the answer and reference. I have four full tabs with legs so gotta do some cleaning, but will take your advice!