Add your game tips here

Starting a thread for everyone to add their pve and pvp tips. I’ll compile them and do my best to give credit to the first person to add the tip. Hopefully this will become a good resource for newer players.

PvE Campaign Tips

  1. The first three rows of crystals and mythstones drop often. Use them early to boost leveling.

  2. Use emeralds to raise the quality of your items. This increases the damage and armor rating. Use a diamond after maxing the quality level to reroll the stats and you should have at minimum slightly higher stats.

  3. Use calcite crystal to add a random rare/epic affix and then sapphires to randomly change to a different epic/rare affix. This is useful to save topaz crystals.

  4. Hunter ring works on regen pools as well (spawns 1-3 epic mobs).

  5. In the codex “powerful enemies” refer to epic mobs and above.

  6. The vendor in the shop tab changes its wares each time you kill the cartographer. Check this after each carto kill for a chance to purchase ultra rare crystals and mythstones at 5.xx million gold each.

  7. You can use the convert option on maps to raise the floor level up to the max the current toon can access.

  8. Amber crystals let you change the special attack for both main hand and offhand weapons. This includes allowing you to use special skills from other classes.

  9. You can craft some eternals for just 50 dust. Eternal items convert into ultra rare crystals. This means for every 10 eternals that you farm and convert to dust, you can craft one eternal and convert it to an ultra rare crystal. This a good way for newer players to get some ultra rare crystals for crafting.

PvP Battle Arena Tips

  1. You can check the combat log after each round to see all the attacks by you and the opponent. This is a good way to see which attacks are hitting you hard and how your attacks are doing.

  2. Perseverance reduces the amount of damage you take from dots and bleeding. Each affix gives 40% reduction. 3x perseverance will completely negate dots and bleeds.

  3. Effective mythic and ignore resist does not work in arena.