Additional Vanity Set again. Swimming attire set for summer :D :D :D

Big Boobs for rogue, Macho body for warrior and no idea for wizard. hahaha

I’ll Just take the Rogue vanity as a joke… -_-

pinanganak ka na may ugaling ampalaya. :smiley:

Pimp wizard? XD

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February vanity

Haha. I could try the Naruto, Saskue and Sakura trio. :coffeeparrot: . Now imagine that happening for fans of Naruto? I’m joking but whatever. I mean it sounds ok to me for a little bit.

Also some other anime vanity trio lol. Maybe Leia, Han solo, Luke skywalker. A Star wars vanity set would be awesome looks. Like imagine having lightsaber weapon vanity where everything is like a lightsaber . Maybe an angelic or fallen weapon vanity.

So many vanity ideas lmao but all the more money to put into the game… I probably asked too much. Not just money but so much artistic effort needed to bring em to life. Probably don’t need them but it sounds cool.