Admin Can you add another free character slot?

Its so very boring if u had only 1 character . And its too expensive if you buy another character slot to test other job or class. Otherwise u will delete your old chracter if you want to test another job or class…?

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We have the additional character slots available to allow players to have multiple characters if they choose to. The way we have DQ set up now you can play the entire game (with any class), experience all of the content, and even back up your save data to transfer to other devices for free.

Also, when we add new content all of that is offered for free as well. Yes, we do have some premium items that you can purchase with real money but all of those items are not crucial to the enjoyment of the game.

The reality is that most players enjoy our game for 100% free and with no online requirement (or DRM) you can play ANYWHERE with no internet connection required.

Thanks for understanding, and for your support!

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Okay sir thanks for your reply…

Is it just me or we really cant create another character in DQ.

Kindly see screenshot for reference.
I cant click the “Create New Hero”.

“5 more slots available!”
Mean that there is 5 more slots available for you to buy.

please add free slot just one please

So you mean this is a bug?
I cant merely click the create a new hero.

I guess it is. hstt.

It’s not a bug. You have to pay for each character slot other than your first.

That 0.99$ will go a long way for you and the dq team, I guarantee that! :smile:

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Okay, thanks for the info, :grin:

Just buy the slot it’s only a dollar. They made the game it took time and effort buying a slot for a dollar is the least you can do to show appreciation. I have 3 slots with each character and it was totally worth it. The Rouge is by far the funnest character to play as I started with the wizard then the warrior the Rouge was my last choice but it’s the best imo


Can you gave me a free character slot., I really enjoy playing dungeon quest…

Lol it’s only 0.99$ for 1 character/hirling and that’s all you need at most generally. You’ll also support the amazing developers of this amazing game.

I regretted not buying that character slot for 1$ but then again, I didn’t know about Gift Cards and if parents would buy for me back in late 2015 or so.

That 1$ character slot really does go a long way even for just 1 extra. The game is speedier for farming loot , different strategies for farming or floor climbing and even 2v2. Also easier way to test A.I of character.

It’s cheaper than a sandwich at some cases lol and some other food too. Yes you can do well with one character but it will be heavily slowed down as I learnt after 6 months of only 1 character.

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Ah okey., so what’s the best thing to do now.? I just want to try another character in the game but I don’t want to erase my present character…

Can you gave me a free character slot?

No! You could get a modded apk version of DQ for free character slot but then you won’t be able to download from cloud. Not recommended at all or allowed. Just stick with what you got ofc.

Just buy the 0.99$ character slot. It really isn’t that bad of a deal. It also lasts forever and less than a sandwich cost.

You can pay via Credit/Debit Card, Google Play credits from gift card or Google Opinion Rewards to gain free Google credits for easy character slot.
If you’re a kid, you can even ask parents to help too.

Does it really hurt to pay for 1 character slot only for at least 1$ . You’re supporting developers and this awesome game updating. This is why the game has gone so far. Also other paid stuff like vanities aka cosmetics and extra inventory.

If you’re on apple , apple gift cards or their own rewards app.

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I’m busy about my work., but I always upload at DQ on weekends to update my game… Yes you are wright, all I have to do is purchase another slot… Thanks for the replies …

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I got job which is also cool.

Hmm… What kind of job is that… ?

I work in Indian restaurant as 17 year old part time for weekends. Awesome. Im saving lots of money for a gaming PC and other things.

I already spent my parents money lot on Google Play £10 gift cards many times that it’s almost £50 (in a total of 1 year). That money I spent on the extra inventory slots for luxury , map reveal auto , 1 hour boost , Root Application to support them since they were good in pro versions .

I spent at least £20 or more total on DQ since I wanted to buy every single vanity in the store as well as character slot and basically everything that costed money to support developers.

Also actually a lot more but I really liked Dungeon Quest so I felt like spending a bit on the game for cool looking vanities. Sure it’s not necessary but I still wanted to do so.