I was actually thinking another way for old.players to have another excitement in the game after reaching 99 eternal ascend. I was really thinking of advancement in classes ex. Rogue > assasin but that would be too imposible since it requires a lot of work.
So here i was thinking after reaching eternal ascend 99 we can reborn again with additinional stats like dmg to elite 20%, elemcrit dmg 50%, elem crit 10% to make the farming even better. (Does not work on pvp to make it fair to new players) then we get to choose advancement skill from class mh primary skills.

Ex. Rogue. U get to choose which one u want to upgrade ricochet, guidedshot, bommerang(this one really be rework as its not viable pve build other than proc build and bow), quick attack.

Advancement skill ex.
Ricochet - bullets gets bigger, firepower inc, graphic animation added on char upon using it. Ricochet now has chance to instanyly kill mobs below 20%hp (does not work against legend and mythic enimies and pvp to make fair for newbies)
This are just some ideas to make the game more.exciting for both newbies and advance players.


You mean something like the trancendence from clicker heroes? You have the ascension for a restart with new buffs and on top of it the trancendence with a hard reset but even greater buffs.

@Cyrukh yup u r right on point dude

Not a bad idea and actually not THAT hard to pull of. Its just something you have to think through:
What stats will me available to buff, what will be kept after the ascension 2.0, what mechanics could be included maybe (like 2 shrines per map instead 1), what is the requirement for the asc 2.0 etc.

Its something we could maybe see on patch 3.0 in a few months maybe.

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Can you explain/define what “hard reset” would look like to you?

Its hard to answer because you could say that gear will be removed but you could just transfer it to another character and ascend with another. This way you would keep it. Whole account hard reset wouldnt be that good either. All that gear you farmed for maybe days would just be destroyed, so keeping the gear kinda is a must.


  • remove hero points for sure (Maybe they could be a new ascension 2.0 perk where you get faster points)
  • Remove all acquired ascension perks (like dealer etc)
  • set hero lvl 1
  • gear could be set to ilvl1. This way you keep it but you have to reupgrade it to 100, which could take long but its problematic with eternal stuff. Maybe the required exp needed to lvl should be increased. This way you need longer to reach lvl 99 or lvl 50 for your main gear.

This is an awesome suggestion @roykiyoy +1

I could see this being very similar to the Ascension’s introduced in 2.1. Except now the Ascension’s are power related… Hero level and gear would behave similar to how ascension occurs today. There could be Six new ascensions that could be added and they wouldn’t have to be cumulative (you don’t need current eternal ascension to start the power ascension). The power Ascension’s would not be applicable to PvP. The new ascensions could be:

  1. Deadly: Gain 30% deadly strike and Brutal mythic capabilities.

  2. Strength: Gain 100% Critical Damage and 50% Critical chance.

  3. Elemental: Gain 50% ED and ED Critical chance

  4. Enhanced Sanctuary: Sanctuary gains ability to activate once every ten seconds

  5. Hasty: Increased Attack speed and Reduced CD by 50%.

  6. Weaponized: increase main and oh skills (primary/secondary) 50% and increase hero points 50%.

Epiphany would also work on the Ascension’s above similar to how they currently work. Also, any items listed above would go over cap similar to how Fortunate perk takes luck and gold over cap by 200%.

The framework exists from 2.1 ascension development. Maybe some glue code And additional testing could make this happen?

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Those perks are really overpowered though.

They are all OP except sanctuary. Just ideas though. These could help you get to much higher floors.

+1 to this

Got my vote you guys are thinkers! Wtb mode you can put myiur gear on at PvP stats. Maybe a little more detail on the combat log besides 3 things ,(orb enigma entity) I wanna see dodges resists heals. The more I learn about the game the more blind I feel somehow

@Mr_Scooty definitely a great idea hope the devs would consider this ideas in future updates

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too bad im only myhtic ascend cannot try this when implement in the future

The suggestion, from above, would not require you to be at current eternal ascension. It could be a separate power ascension with the first ascension costing 5M gold, then 10M etc. It would not require ascensions from the 2.1 ascension perk list if that makes sense.