Advantages for each floor you've done

Just like +1% luck/gold/eternal/crystal find rate/enemy rarity/etc for every 100 floors

This is actually already implemented! :smile: mythstones and crystals get better every 100 floors up to a cap of 500

I don’t know if it’s truth or just an impression, but I usually drop far more itens at higher floors than lower floors using same conditions (luck, gold find, pack size, same map quality, etc.)

I find I have more drops overall at floor 200 but floor 500 is worth it because of higher tier rarity crystals despite less packsize and drops overall .

Floor 200 for gold , exp, HP/MP orbs, and lots of eternal converted. Floor 500+ for high rarity crystals /mythstones and valuable legends. Legend maps and Eternal maps are amazing at high floor though.


Yup I’ve already know the crystal drop rate up to 500 flr but is that all you wanna need?

You can find more loots as your floor increases but i think its only up to floor 1000 because of the item requirement. How about players who can climb up to floor 5k or more?